Frequently asked questions

If you need any support on Dragon Voice Recognition Software, You may call either Nuance or Dragon support by experts. 

Dragon Naturally Speaking Software for PC is developed by Nuance to work on only windows computer. If you wish to install it on Mac, You should call Nuance Technical Support and find out if they can allow you to purchase Dragon Voice Recognition Software for Mac in discounted price. This copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking Software will not be supported by your Mac machine.

We accept All bank Debit/Credit Card. Valid Check or online Transfer. You can also pay using Paypal.

Yes, We are! You are not sure whether your problem is with Nuance Dragon naturally speaking software or Your computer. So you should choose us because we will not only be fixing up your dragon naturally speaking but we will also be fixing up your computer problem, if there is any.

We call and update you in every 30 minutes or 1 hour about you case. So you will know status of your case. Most of the cases are resolved in 2 hours.

A customer who wants to reach Dragon Support by experts can call, Chat or visit our office. Please click on contact us to get our office details.

If you are not able to fix your problem with Dragon Voice Recognition Software then you should get help of a technician. A technician knows well how to fix a problem that you are not able to figure out by yourself. Dragon Support by experts is committed to give you best result.

First thing, You should call Nuance Dragon Support directly. or you can go to nuance dragon order form to recover your order. If nothing is working for you then You should always think of calling Dragon support by experts.

It really depends on kind of problem your computer and Dragon Voice Recognition software has. A diagnostic expert will give you expected time to fix the problem. Dragon Support by experts is commented to fix your problem. You can always call Nuance dragon support to see if they can fix your problem free of charge.

It really depends what kind of service you have purchased. If you are looking for refund that you have purchased from Nuance or different company, You should always call them. if you are looking for refund for the technician service that you have purchased from Dragon support by experts then please check company Refund policy on the top of our website heading.