How to control your computer using Dragon Naturally Speaking Softwar?

How to control your computer using Dragon Naturally Speaking Softwar?

In the latest version of the Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, there are a lot of new features are being added. Now you can do more than just transcribing or getting the software to type for you on Microsoft word.

You can control your Dragon Naturally Speaking Software by using commands. You can set up commands by yourself as well. If you want to write an email or opening any apps. There are few examples of commands I am going to put it down for you to understand and use it.

start <program> to start any program

switch to DragonBar

switch to <program>

Click Start menu

move up <n>


Press Windows key

press F1

press alt F4 or close window

open Accuracy Center

open Dragon options

Search Help for…

Search the Web for…

Search the computer for…

Search documents for…

To control Microsoft word, please find the commands below.

Application commands include:

(expand | hide) ribbon

open a document

set font Helvetica 14 points

view print preview

split the window

zoom to 75%

insert page break

insert page number

go to the footer

insert 3 by 2 table

add a row

bold this column

left align the first row

save the file

send an email

print this page

To click a visible control, say click and its label:

click view

click file tab (you can turn off the click requirement in the Options dialog)

To press keys:

press F1 (opens Help)

press alt F4 (or close window)

press shift F10 (right-clicks)

To put the focus on a window:

switch to <name>

switch to the previous window

list windows for <program>

There is an option that allows you to create your own command. You will be able to see this option in dragon naturally speaking as My Commands.

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You will be able to create custom commands and use them whenever you need it.

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