How To Transcribe Using Dragon Naturally Speaking

How To Transcribe Using Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Just to let you know, dragon naturally speaking software is not transcribing software, but it is a dictating software, but Nuance has added a feature in it transcribe for you. If it does not give you the best result don’t blame it for it because as I said before it is dictation software and does a better job in the dictation field.

Follow The Steps Below For Transcribe Using Dragon Naturally Speaking

  1. Open dragon naturally speaking.
  2. On the very top there are few options that you will see, please click on tools.
  3. You will get few options populated there, please select transcribe the recording.
  4. Once you select transcribe the recording, you will have a new window that has detail information about where to how to can dragon transcribe your audio files to video.
  5. There is an option to click on next on the same windows where it asks to personalize transcribe.
  6. Click on next once you have done, you will have a new window that asks you to select your audio file.
  7. After that, Click on “Browse to locate the file” and please select your audio file.
  8. Now click on transcribe once you select the audio file.
  9. You will get a new window that says DragonPad – Document with a message “Transcribing… Please wait
  10. Your audio file will be transcribed in a minute.

Note From Author

You will notice one thing, the dragon does a very decent job in terms of transcribing any audio if you do face any issues. You may need to check the settings of your dragon and dragon pad and you should also check the updates for dragon or trying to upgrade your dragon.

If you are a professor or a lecturer or in any department where you speak or get a lot of audio files and you need them to be converted into text. This is the best software for you to transcribe any audio as per me. You can always research more and see if there are any options available.

How Do I Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking To Transcribe Recorded Speech?

On your computer, you’ll need Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium, professional, legal, or medical edition, as well as a user profile.

  • Go to DragonBar/profile/open user if the Dragon User profile does not open instantly.
  • By clicking on the double arrow at the far right of the dragon bar, you may access the Transcribe bar.


  • Click Transcribe


  • Unless you select Advanced then ‘a selected window’, Dragon will transcribe in DragonPad. To keep things easy, I recommend starting with DragonPad transcription.
  • Navigate to the audio file using the browse button.
  • Select the audio file
  • Then select Transcribe. Dragon should open a DragonPad document and transcribe speech to text automatically.

transcribe using dragon

Transcription Errors

If the transcription has any problems, you can repair them by hand in the document or by voice transcribe using Dragon Naturally Speaking – simply pick or erase the wrong words and dictate again. This will ensure that your content is accurate, but if any of the faults are caused by Dragon misinterpreting speech, it is a good idea to repair them. This will aid in improving transcription recognition accuracy in the future.

The Difference Between Correcting And Editing

It’s crucial to know the distinction between editing and correcting. You should only rectify speech recognition problems if you are certain that the speech was clear and that Dragon misunderstood it. Consider whether the error was caused by poor pronunciation or by changing your mind about what you wanted to say before correcting. Do not use the correction feature as a tool for editing. Simply pick or remove the wrong text and type or dictate again if you’re editing.

You’ll need to listen to the audio file or rely on your memory if the recorded speech is yours to determine if the problem was a recognition error or a speaker’s error.

If you’re transcribing someone else’s speech, you’ll almost certainly need to listen to the audio file to check that the final text is accurate. If you record speech, you can use your memory to determine whether the faults were caused by the dragon or the speaker.

Even if you’re unsure, skip the correction process and simply replace the wrong text, whether by voice or by hand, and if the correction isn’t done correctly, recognition accuracy can suffer. The only purpose of correcting is to fix Dragon’s mistakes.

Correcting Recognition Errors

You must use voice correction or keyboard shortcuts to correct identification errors. Go to DragonBar/tools/options/hotkeys/Correction/Press the key you want to use as a shortcut /apply/OK to assign a keyboard shortcut to bring up the correction dialogue.
Select the wrong text and say “Correct that” to correct it by voice. “Correct wrong word/s>,” for example.

An Alternative To Correcting Recognition Errors

If you feel that the correcting procedure takes too long and forces you to listen to the audio file when you don’t need to, you might want to try a different technique to improve recognition accuracy. 

If the words and phrases are already in your vocabulary, practice pronouncing them, or ask the speaker to do so if you’re transcribing someone else’s speech. For more information on the Vocabulary Editor, see here. Over time, this will aid in improving recognition accuracy.


Thus, you need to follow the above steps for transcribe using dragon naturally speaking. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

FAQ: Transcribe Using Dragon Naturally Speaking

How long does it take for Dragon to transcribe?

Dragon will begin the transcribing process once you’ve selected a file. This could take several minutes, depending on the size of the file.

Does Dragon Naturally Speaking do text to speech?

The text-to-speech feature in Dragon NaturallySpeaking is incredible. While not flawless, it can assist your PC in converting text to speech in a decent manner. If it sounded like a real person, it might even be unsettling. Playback allows you to hear the right text while also allowing you to notice problems with your eyes.

Is there a program that converts audio to text?

You can also convert audio to text using Google Docs, a free cloud-based word processing program