Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands (List)

Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands

The following is a list of Dragon Naturally Speaking commands. Do you want to know what commands are used in Dragon Naturally Speaking Support? Your quest is over since you can get a list of commands used in Dragon Naturally Speaking Support right here.

Now you can find the Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands

Microphone Control Feature

You can go to sleep, listen to the stop, wake up, listen to me, and turn off the microphone from here.

Need Help (For Relief)

If you require assistance with a related question, you can request that the search help display you navigation, correction, formatting, or punctuation commands; in any of these circumstances, you must first open “help.”

  • The basic dictation and editing
  • The help to add lines and spaces
  • Move to the insertion point
  • Move-in a list
  • Add new words or commands
  • Search the computer
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Select the text
  • Format
  • Copy and paste
  • Spell out
  • Dictating punctuation

On your computer, you can search the file, documents, and e-mails.

Searching the web

We use this for searching Ebay, website, video, emails etc.

Function with your windows

This function is used to switch windows, minimise windows, view screens, and restore windows, as well as to list all windows and programme lists.

Working in the web

With Dragon Naturally Speaking Support, you receive this fantastic option: a Dragon browser plugin that allows you to work with your website.

Mouse Control

This will assist you in moving the mouse up, right, slowing down, stopping, clicking, double-clicking, and right-clicking.

Close & Start the items in your computer

By hitting the Alt+F4 keys, you can start and stop things or programmes on your computer, such as DragonPad, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, open the control panel, and close the window.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands Now, we hope the following information is helpful in getting you started with your Dragon apps. However, if your require assistance with any related bugs, you can contact Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Technical staff. Dragon Naturally Speaking Support provides customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the team will instantly direct you to the most appropriate and effective solution.

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