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Dragon Helpline Call +1-888-652-9580

Nuance Dragon Technical Support Number

Voice dictation should be improved. It’s significantly easier to converse using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software than it is to tap your fingers across the keyboard and mouse.

After all, Dragon was created to reduce the use of the keyboard and mouse in computers and to assist users in completing tasks such as generating presentations, preparing, and everything else using only their voice.

If you intend to utilise Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you should be aware that dictation with this software is rather simple. All you have to do now is learn a few key punctuation and error-correcting techniques, and you’ll be ready to utilise Dragon more efficiently.

Here are some helpful hints for improving voice dictation with Nuance Dragon Software.

Resume Dictation with an (Earlier Spoken Word)

If you ever had to interrupt your dictation, you can restart it at any time simply reciting a previous word. It’s true that tripping over your tongue while dictating is simple, but constructing sentences is tough. If you don’t get correct dictation, you can adjust the way you say a sentence.

Simply say “Restart with” whenever you want to resume your dictation.

You can substitute the word you want Dragon Naturallyspeaking to back up to for filling in the blanks, but make sure the word you dictated or would continue dictating continuously is under 100 characters.

When utilising a portable recorder, the resume command is quite beneficial.