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Transfer the Recorded File from iPhone using Wireless!

How to Transcribe using Dragon Naturally Speaking

Please follow the steps below

If you have a dragon recorder app installed on your iPhone device, this app can help you record anything on your phone and transfer from your phone to a computer device. If you read my previous article, I am sure you know how to record and dictate your dragon recording app.

Please find the step to step guide below.

1.    Please open dragon naturally speaking recorder app.

2.    Record anything on your phone using a recorder app.

3.    On the bottom tap on the gear icon.

4.    You will have another screen on your phone which says “Options”

5.    The first option that you will have is called filename prefix, this option allows you to choose the file name.

6.    Next option is WIFI sharing ON or OFF.

7.    Turn on wifi sharing on, this sharing will only work if both of your devices (your phone and your computer) are on the same network.

8.    If you are using a pc from Microsoft, please type URL address on your computer web browser which shows on the bottom of your dragon naturally speaking app recording sharing screen.

9.    You will see your recordings with the date and name of the recording on the browser.

10.    You need to click on the blue hyperlink to download your recordings. If you want to save it to the desired location on your Windows computer, you can right click on the highlighted blue color recording names and click on save as to save it to your desired locations.

For Macbook or Apple Computer, Please follow the steps according to windows till 10th steps and then follow from 11th steps till end. 

11.    If you are using Mac device, you need to open safari and click on bookmarks and click on Bonjour services.

12.    Double click on your iPhone and downloads the listed file.

13.    You can also use iTunes app to download your recorded file.

So stop worrying and start dictating.