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10 Common Problems with Dragon Professional Individual Version

Dragon Professional Individual

10 Common Problems with Dragon Professional Individual

Given are the 10 common problems and their solutions a Dragon Professional Individual user faces while using the dictation software.

  • Dictation does not work.

When you try to dictate something, the words do not appear on the screen of your computer. Using the microphone, when you try to say few words it says, “Please say that again.”

  • Check your microphone
     See if your microphone is connected to the computer properly in the correct slot. You can also try to use the microphone for the Windows Sound Recorder. If it lets you record a sound through the microphone, then check out for other causes.
  • Sound Card Faulty. 

If your computer sound card is faulty, it may cause poor recognition, but even poor recognition is a far cry from nothing. The sound card would have to be broken rather than just be inadequate quality to cause Dragon Professional Individual to stop dead in its tracks.

  • Mute Button ON/OFF. 

Check for the mute button if it is ON or OFF. You can double-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and look at the Microphone Balance. If the Mute check box is selected, deselect it. You can run a microphone check to fix the problem too.

  • Microphone Icon on Dragon Asleep?

Find out if Dragon Professional Individual is asleep. If the microphone icon on the Windows taskbar or on the Dragon Professional Individual toolbar is blue, then it is asleep.

This is helpful if you are dictating directly into the Dragon Professional Individual document window, the above are all the obvious sources to check. In case, you are dictating into a different application, you must check for other problems.

  • Check the Dragon Bar. 

Find out the color of the Dragon Bar. See whether the circle indicator is green in color. If it is not green in color, it means you have lost the support.

In case of using the non- Microsoft application, use the Dictation Box. If this happens inside Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, make sure you close them down along with Dragon Professional Individual and then restart them. This usually fixes it. Also, make sure that WinWord.exe or Outlook.exe is not running in the Processes tab of the Task Manager.

  • Recognition Errors

If your Dragon Professional Individual does not dictate correctly, it is known as recognition errors or accuracy problems. Try to speak each word fully and speak entire phrases.

Never pause between words, and never skip them, never clip them at the end, or never slur them to other words.

It is important to keep your microphone positioned near to your mouth, you can set it about one-half inch away. You must run the microphone check.

Choose Audio ->Check Microphone.

Choose Tools ->Options.

When the Options dialog box appears, click the Miscellaneous tab.

Drag the Speed vs. Accuracy slider more to the right. And then click on the OK button.

If Dragon gets certain words wrong repeatedly, you must use the Correction dialog box so that Dragon Individual learns about its errors. (Say, “Correct That “after Dragon Professional Individual errors.)

If you just select the inaccurate text and dictate over it, Dragon Individual will never learn.

  • Commands get typed as text.

It is very frustrating to notice when you say a command and the Dragon Naturally Speaking software dictates the command as text. For example, when you say, “Italicize That “only to watch the whole line disappear and be replaced with the words italicize that. You must do a quick “Undo That “usually gets back what you lost.

When the commands get typed as text while using the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, it is due to couple of reasons. You can check to find out a few of them here.

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Pauses at the right juncture. 

On multi-word commands do not pause at all in the middle. When you say, “Italicize That” or “Format That Arial Bold 16 Point,” pause briefly before and after the command.

Let Nuance Dragon Professional Individual hear you correctly. 

If it hears “Italy Sized Hat,” then it is not going to italicize anything. If this keeps happening, you should do Word training on the commands that Dragon Professional Individual misinterprets.

  • Dealing with slow dictation

While dictating, if the Dragon Individual takes time to comprehend your commands, and then you wait for it. You must figure out even if it heard you.

You can deal with slow response time in the following ways:

Do not wait. 

Never wait for the words to show up on the screen. Keep on dictating. Dragon Professional Individual remembers as much as a half-hour of dictation. So do not worry if you get a few lines ahead of it.

Free RAM. 

If you have multiple programs open on the computer and you do not need them. Turn off background features of those you do need, like automatic spell checking.

Restart your computer. 

If you have been using the computer for hours and eventually have opened and closed computer applications. You must restart the computer to help it access resources it had forgotten about.

Install RAM. This is not going to do you much good in the short run, but in the long run, it’s the best solution.

  1. Menu commands that do not work.

When you say, “Click” and nothing happens, the problem is that your Use Menus That Are Compatible with Screen Readers check box is not selected. To check it:

  1. From the Dragon Professional Individual window, select Tools ->Options.

There is no point in telling you how to access this by voice because that is exactly what isn’t working!

  1. When the Options dialog box appears, click the Miscellaneous tab.
  2. Find the Voice Enable Menus, Buttons, and Other Controls Excluding check box and make sure it is selected.

FAQ: Dragon Professional Individual

Q #1) What does Dragon professional individual do?

For sophisticated recording functionality, Dragon Individual supports Nuance-approved digital voice recorders and smartphones, and it can automatically transcribe audio files to text on your PC. Dragon Individual allows you to operate the way you desire while on the road, maximizing your productivity.

Q #2) What is the difference between Dragon Home and Professional?

Unlike Dragon Home, Dragon Individual allows you to create and edit spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel while maintaining complete control over your speech-to-text conversion. It also allows you to construct unique voice commands for common texts, which makes editing much faster and simple.

Q #3) Is Dragon NaturallySpeaking worth it?

Yes, Dragon Naturally Speaking was well worth the effort in terms of writing speed. I went back to Dragon Naturally Speaking a few weeks ago, convinced by various books that if I tried hard enough, I could improve my voice recognition accuracy. When my arm hurt, I utilized Dragon before.

Q #4) Can I upgrade Dragon home to professional?

Yes, Dragon Professional Individual is available for download and installation on a Windows PC.

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