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Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12

Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12

Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12 a software that promises to take our spoken word and dictate it into a written word.

A customer came to me with Dragon version 12 and ask me if I would install it on their machine for them. He also asks me to give him the training for Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12. So that he can run the Dragon block c commands correctly.

So I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to share this experience with you and give you Dragon Speaking Reviews at the same time. I had heard about this software several years ago in a commercial and it was a new product at the time. I thought wow what a great product but I bet it doesn’t work real good or you have to fool around with it a lot and that sort of thing.

So I never really gave it a second thought but now that the software is here and it’s not in its infancy anymore as far as a development this version i.e, Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12. I figured it’d be the perfect opportunity to give it a fair try. So if you want to hang out with me, we will get started. We will learn to use Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12. I thought we’d take a few minutes and just take a look at these software packages and figure out, what we have here.

There were two of them that were given to me and also they gave me a dell mini-tower that will look at the hardware in just a moment. But first, this first one says Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12 training. So I’m assuming that this is probably a DVD that you can watch and learn how to install and operate their software.

Why this came in a separate little case I’m not really sure maybe because if you request information about the product perhaps they send you this first and then this box says using Dragon Naturally Speaking premier edition speech recognition software version 12 and what really interested me is how much power I’m going to need on my computer what would it what are the requirements see.

Minimum Requirements for Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12

If I can find those requirements here so it says I need a 2.2 gigahertz Intel dual-core or equivalent AMD processor that’s recommended.

I have to have a minimum of one gigahertz Intel the processor has a 2 Meg l2 cache and their free space on a desk must be 3.2 gigahertz 4 gigabyte for the local non-version of English. It supports Windows 7 in higher windows vista XP service pack 3 and Windows Server 2008. So respect to their calling for a recommended 2 gig for Windows XP of RAM and for the windows 74 gig.

So that’s quite a bit of room but not unusual for a new computer to have and of course, you need a sound card and a DVD ROM for installation.

Price of Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12 Software

I’m not sure what this software costs I’m not sure the retail on it but I’m gonna look that up later here and I’ll let you know so this is the dragon software headset it doesn’t particularly feel cheap or expensive it just has kind of a social feel to it so you could use it left or right by spinning up the other way.

It has these phone jacks on it and then it has this adapter that puts the two on the one where I’m not sure what kind of sound cart would accept that one two three that’s a four-band plug one now okay.

This is the USB so you can see that your inputs would go on to here and then it converts it to USB I really don’t know if this is USB 2.0 or what it is I didn’t really see that on the paperwork see.

What we’ll say here is no I don’t I don’t see it right offhand but I’m assuming that this will probably work as a USB 1.0 so there’s the headset it came with this adapter then I’ve never seen before as far as a poor bent 1/8 inch phone jack but I guess they do exist may be for a certain kind of sound card.

Learn More About Dragons Version 12.0

It has this quick reference card that came with it as well shows you how to hook up the headset and then it came with this software this family tree looks like just a bonus type of software and then there’s another video training her.

Let’s compare so yes I’m looking at the two-part numbers here and they’re both the same 2/3 201 yep these are exactly the same so evidently, for some reason, my customer ended up with two training videos this one and the one on the package here.

So that’s all that is and then the last thing is the actual software for the installation of the dragon12 or so so I’m gonna take a few minutes and read this Quick Start Guide and then I’ll meet you over at the hardware.

We’ll hook this up and get installing it this is the HP Minotaur that the customer wants the version 12 on software similar to Dragon Naturally Speaking installed onto and so I’ve got it on the bench here and I’m just making sure that the requirements meet the dragon requirements.

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So I’ve got it booted up here and I’ve opened up you know the control panel the system information and this has three gigs of memory and it asked for two gigs so this is good and this has the Windows 7 64 bit operating system on it and the processor is an AMD 2.8 gigahertz.

I believe that they set a minimum of 1.6 so we’re flying on that and the health of this computer seems fine it seems very responsive so I don’t think there are any viruses or anything like that so I think this machine will be just fine.

So the other question is on this headset should I use the USB adapter or should I plug directly into the audio cord quartz and I think that the design of this computer has kind of answered that question for me.

If I look at the front of this computer I can see that there’s a dragon with headphones jack and then there are two USB jacks and then, of course, there’s you know a memory card reader here and then on the back there are no headphones.

So there’s the green one which is the dragon speaker out and the red one which is the microphone so it would be really inconvenient to run one wire to the front and one to the back so I am going to use the USB adapter and see how that works that way.

I don’t have to split up this wire so let’s go ahead and plug that in there and see what happens well it knows I plug something into it, okay so it says my device is ready to use that parts done next I’m gonna put the soft one, okay I just put the Free Dragon Software in and it’s asking me to install that framework 4.0 before it goes any further.

so I need to go ahead and take that Microsoft Product now before the installation will complete so probably back once the net framework 4.0 is installed okay I’m just moving along on this dragon installation.

I got a message up here that says that my ram is relatively low for my operating system and I thought I wrote a read on the box that it said to the gig however I looked at it again for the Windows 7 64 bit version they’re asking for 4 gigs so I have three in this dragon machines.

This does say that I can go ahead and use it but the performance is not as it was expected so I will have to bring that up for the customer that they might want to install more RAM if there are problems in the future.

So we’ll just go ahead and with the installation and keep that in the back of our minds about making sure that this machine has at least 4 gigs of memory. So I’ll go ahead and click Next and I’m gonna click next for this I’m a sucky agreement I’m gonna have to put on my serial number.

So I will be back okay so I put in my serial number my username and I’m just now waiting for the program to install looks like.

It’s going pretty fast so if something new happens I will be back okay well it looks like the installation is finished so I’m going to go ahead and hit this finish button, okay the installation is done it’s asking me to register so I’m just gonna click out of that and I’ll have it remind me in seven days that way the customer can go ahead and take care of that okay.

I just got through reading this little get started help guide and it goes on to talk about what to do once the program is started and it says it’s trying to help me out with upgrading from 10 or 11 and this customer doesn’t have any older versions and it really doesn’t tell you.

Learn More About Dragons Dragon Age (Version 12)

What to do to get started so I just went through the startup menu and I’ll show you here is all the dragon’s stuff and there’s about and then there’s I’m assuming this is the main startup Dragon Naturally Speaking Free twelve-point, oh and then there’s the log and then there’s the setup log and then there are these tools now I’m assuming.

I probably have to start with the tools because I’m aware that I have to train this thing I’m gonna have to just watch this video or just you know wing it from here I did open up this second one that says version 12 of Dragon Naturally Speaking twelve-point O and opened up this thing for activation and it’s asking me to go ahead and activate it

I’m gonna go ahead and activate it and see if I can wing myself through this otherwise I might have to put that DVD and actually watch it so so far around the installation I’m not wrong impressed then they’re not really helping me that much get through this okay

It’s asking me to create a user profile so evidently, I did register the software before I can begin using the dragon I must create a user profile that is unique to me now the problem with using this is I’m not the user I’m just the computer guy so you know there’s going to be some setup required on my customers.

An in-depth review of Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12

They’re gonna have to do their own basically is what I’m trying to say I think that this thing is custom for your dialect and how you speak and how you punch way your words and that sort of thing I’m gonna go ahead and set up a user profile for myself and then maybe.

I can better help her set up first so many going next even though my profile is not gonna help her / help perhaps just doing this once will give me a better understanding of how to work it somebody goes and put my name in here now it’s asking me my age and stuff so you know what’s the difference.

I’m just gonna click through the stop no it is sand asking me about accent and there’s Brazilian and Spanish and you know all these you can see in here I’m just gonna stick with the standard okay now it’s asking me to choose my speech device.

I am using that USB adapter this one so I am I might use the USB next okay so great so I’m not really able to set up her profile for her so I don’t know how much further I can really go on this I mean I can test it out and do a review for you guys but she’s gonna have to put some effort into this on her own so it’s showing me.

How do you know position the microphone and that sort of thing so I’m not going ahead and get it, okay there it is it has a fairly long cord which is good you can see how far away.

I am from the computer and I still have some court here looks like I have a twist in my court alright let’s continue now that I have the correct position of the microphone and everything the next and it’s asking me to stir a volume check while.

You are reading this the computer speaking will adjust the microphone volume sentence and then beat the signal this process is complete speaking to the microphone as if you were talking to a friend in person it should only take ten seconds to complete this step.

If you do not hear a beat start reading again from the beginning until you do while you are reading this the computer is adjusting the microphone volume, okay there it goes

I just heard a beat so now I can hit next okay it’s asking me to click the start the quality check button and read the phone and out loud so let’s go ahead without a start for dragging to recognize your voice accurately.

It needs to check the quality of your audio wire system and your microphone speaking to the microphone as clearly and as naturally as you did in the previous step while reading this dragon is ok.

There beep again now it’s asking me to hit next okay it says read text out loud to train to the dragon by reading out loud for about four minutes you can train dragon to it adapt to your particular way of speaking.

If you choose to show text with prompting below dragon will display text and the following along with prompt all right so I’m gonna go ahead and do this and I will be back the next step of this.

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It has taken all my words that I spoke earlier and it made a user profile just for me and it finally finished it probably took about five minutes and this is where I dropped me off it’s asking me now.

If I would like for it to go through all my sent emails and my documents and collect all my documents that are inside this machine so that the dragon base can work with it and this is not my machine so I’m not going to accept that I’m just gonna uncheck all these and hit next that’s it next.

It says that my profile is ready to use and it’s given me some more helpful ideas here and then telling me about the help bar if you notice up here it’s installing the bar on my machine at the top here.

I don’t know if that bar will stay up there all the time but that’s their idea of the health bar and it probably turns on the dragon as well so the next step is a tutorial and I’m gonna spend a few minutes with that and I will be back okay.

So we’ve been playing with this software now for probably ten or fifteen minutes and I’m not real good at it but I can see the potential I think that you’re gonna have to take some serious time out and learn the commands.

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I’ve got some of the dragon voice commands down simple ones like Billy or you know that I think I’ll show you how it works here and put the headphones on and I’ll just say a couple of things here so take a look at the screen here

I’ve got my headphones on and the toolbar has a little rat down here and when you click on it’s ready.

I think that the product is really a good product for what it was intended dictation headset I think it didn’t shine as far as given web dragon dictate commands and controlling your computer with it probably not so much maybe if you have a handicap where you can’t use your hands or something.

Like that it might be great if I was to write a book maybe and I sit around and tell stories I could let this thing just type and we would probably be just fine we looked it up online and the version that I showed you the premium number 12 is $299 and you know.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Setup

Obviously, it is worth pointing out that even smartphone recognition doesn’t have any setup process whatsoever which may make some impatient. The counterpoint is that the setup is both a tutorial and should be a lot more precise than just attempting to adapt to the standard tones of your nationality. At least that’s the concept…

A nice tweak Nuance has created from v11.5 is the installation process takes even more attention in teaching you key commands and usage scenarios while it learns your voice so it is worth doing. Overall, it took about 15 minutes and even new users would feel confident about using punctuation, switching between apps, composing emails, and performing web searches at this moment.

The training procedure and extra training exercises can be obtained at any moment. Voice recognition software has a reputation for infuriating, Prolonged Installation routines and while Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12 doesn’t drop them completely the process is quick and — most importantly —

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Performance

Happily, that’s the way it plays out in practice also. While a stage iteration does not sound like much v11.5 made great strides with its precision, yet v12 manages to improve upon them further. Nuance estimates a 99 percent accuracy rate much as it did at v11.5 (largely because 100% is hopeless ) yet we found that finally for a conservative number.

Within our first day’s use accuracy was approximately 97 percent (we had been finding approximately three wrong words per 100 words), but as NaturallySpeaking is learning your voice pattern as well as tonal changes within 48 hours it had been making less than one error every 200-300 words.

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Performance

It’s true, it is possible to grab out v12 with rare names or words, but just the once as it’ll then determine the duration another time around.

What’s more, Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 is not pretty much precise, but conserving time and the fact that it can recognize your routine formatting tastes is uncanny (it evolves’Windows’ for me personally, by default).

It also properly formats geographic addresses and postcodes based on their destination. These tweaks and a quicker replica of your words into the text are fantastic visual guides that enable you to concentrate your ideas more clearly, particularly if you’re a person that watches and waits to get their text to appear onscreen.

It’s true, you can grab out v12 with rare words or names, but only the one as it will then learn the term another time around. What’s more, Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12 is not pretty much precise, but conserving time and the fact that it can recognize your routine formatting preferences is uncanny (it evolves’Windows’ for me, by default). It also properly formats geographic addresses and postcodes depending on their destination.

These tweaks and faster reproduction of your words to text are neat visual aids that enable you to concentrate your ideas more clearly, especially if you’re a user that waits for their text to appear on the phone.

As a Google Apps user, the integration with Gmail was welcome too and while some terminology stays stilted (‘tab’ to switch inputs, for instance ) it will become second nature quickly. Posting to social websites is synch also, though I still found myself moving to sites regularly if I wished to add more than a simple status upgrade.

Lately, I saw no apparent drop-offs inaccuracy when using the bundled Plantronics headset along with the iPhone and Android programs, but there are noticeable use differences.

The programs communicate through your wireless system that makes them of a faff on the transfer (unless you are using cellular Wi-Fi), however, enables them to be utilized a very long distance out of the PC. By comparison, the Bluetooth headset makes it easy on the go, but it means you’ll require a pc with Bluetooth and you can not stray too much.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Features

These features build on existing core features like social network integration (“Article to Facebook…” / /”Post into Twitter…”), search and opening, and closure of programs. Perhaps most useful of all, however, was v11.5’s integration with Dragon smartphone programs that allow dictation via your phone’s microphone allowing you to ditch a headset completely.
Somewhat predictably’Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12′ is the successor to the superb NaturallySpeaking 11.5 and somewhat predictably Nuance is calling it the”quickest, most precise and easy-to-use version of Dragon yet”.

What causes these proclamations are claims of a 20% improvement in from-the-box speech recognition accuracy, faster performance, and new technologies which look to understand your tastes as you use the software — for example how you format words, phrases and numbers.

Additionally, is full Gmail and support, correction options respond to more equitable language as well as more natural text-to-speech reading of your job by Dragon that permits you to review without returning to the screen.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Issues

Obviously, there is a reason why voice recognition has yet to take off like touchscreen telephones and motion-controlled gaming: it is not uniformly better than a keyboard and mouse.

Certainly error correction has improved and for those who reside at Microsoft Office and email v12 is more seamless, but there are occasions when you should simply come back to your keyboard or mouse as it is the faster option.

Regardless of the wise tutorial, there’s still a learning curve and, even more importantly, it is not always easy to talk out to a PC — especially with private and business-related content. We also discovered that while Nuance speaks up the capability for Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12 to block out surrounding sound precision does drop in noisier environments, occasionally to the degree that you simply revert to the computer keyboard.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12Whether you would want to use it in these surroundings is doubtful anyway, but it will prevent v12 from being utilized as a trusted transcribing tool that remains a holy grail for journalists and students.
We’d also like to find that the permanently installed toolbar minimizes/maximize if toggling voice recognition on or off since it wastes screen area — especially on reduced notebook resolutions.

In the end, it’s worth taking note of these hardware specifications as dual-core processors, 4GB of RAM on 64-bit functioning systems, along with a 3.2GB setup footprint would probably rule out some old PCs and ultraportable laptops.
At the moment support for controls in Windows 8 Modern UI is extremely restricted also, but Nuance has declared it’s going to tackle this with software upgrades.


So in this post, you learn about Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 12. Here we tried to explain this topic in detail. As we know very well that Dragon Naturally software is a very good speaking software that makes our work so easy. Apart from this, the new version of Dragon Software is full of new features.

You can Contact us at Dragon Support Number to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. Dragon Support number is +1-888-299-3207. So, you can call for help.