How To Change Language in Dragon Naturally Speaking

Change Language in Dragon Naturally Speaking

How To Change Language in Dragon Naturally Speaking

If you are reading this article that means you are either using dragon naturally speaking or you are about to buy one of the dictation software and you must be researching which one you should buy. If you do make the decision to purchase Change Language in Dragon Naturally Speaking then this article is for you.

I have written a lot of articles to make sure to help people use dragons naturally speaking. If you do want to change Language in dragon naturally speaking.

Steps To Change Dragon Naturally Speaking Language

If you do want to change dragon naturally speaking a language. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Launch dictation software, and then click on top of the software which says profile.

Step 2 – Click on open users and then click on new to create a new profile. Please make sure not to open the existing profile because that will not allow you to do anything in the previous profile.

Step 3– Type the name you want to use for this profile where you want a different language. Please do not select the same profile name that you have used before for the previous profile. Later you will be confused about which one is a new profile with a different language.

Step 4– Click on the drop-down to select the nuance dragon languages you would like to use for this new profile.

Step 5– Click the next drop-down and select general for the dictation source so the vocabulary field must be  “General.”

Step 6– Once you click next after selecting vocabulary, click next again to get to a window that says, “Recording your dragon speech”. Click view and then the dragon speaks into the computer’s microphone for 15 minutes, this is where your dragon understands your way of speaking and your accent. Once you get a pop up saying it is completed, click on next

Step 7– This window will try to understand the type of work. This will ask you to submit as many as documents or ask you to give access to your email app (outlook, apple mail app) so your dragon can understand what kind of work you do and what kind of word you use in your writing.

If you would like to, you can click on next or you can skip it. Once you are done doing this, you will get a popup that says Finish.

Result and Suggestion for change language in dragon naturally speaking

FAQ: change language in dragon naturally speaking

Q #1) How do I change my accent on Dragon Dictate?

Answer:- The screen for Region appears. Click Continue after selecting your Region from the dropdown menu. Dragon uses the Region setting to determine proper spelling and vocabulary. Choose the Accent from the dropdown menu that best describes your speaking style, then clicks Continue.

Q #2) What languages does Dragon Naturally Speaking support?

Answer:- In the United States, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is now available. English, UK English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese are some of the languages spoken.

Q #3) How do you train Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Answer:- Select Audio>Improve recognition of word or phrase from the DragonBar to train Dragon on words or commands. The dialogue window for training appears.
Choose a word, phrase, or command to use.
Select Train. The dialogue window for Train Words appears.
Then pronounce your word or phrase after clicking Train.
Save the file.