Best Dictation Software for Mac (2021) – Step by Step Guide

Best Dictation Software for Mac

If you’ve never tried dictating text instead of typing it, we invite you to do it right now and see if it saves your time (spoiler: it does). And if you’re thinking“nay, the dictated text is a mess,” you ought to see our collection of text editing tools — they can allow you to polish texts in no time. So why don’t you give it a try?

With Clubhouse exploding into a significant social media platform, we can not underestimate the ability of voice. Not any more. Perhaps that is a global pandemic thing, but we are certainly longing for much more verbal communication these days. And imagine if this longing could make us more effective at work? Well, it is possible with dictation software.

What is dictation software?

Dictation software uses speech recognition technologies to convert spoken words into text. Essentially, it’s something that can help Isaac Asimov compose 1000 novels (and not 500 because he did) from the twentieth century. As a result of high precision and a fantastic rate of speech-to-text conversion, dictation software works great for note-taking, writing lengthy texts, even chatting in messengers.

In 1997, Dragon Naturally Speaking, the first solid version of dictation software, was released. There have been previous attempts to develop such systems, but the majority of them failed or were ineffective. Prior to 1997, one had to dictate very slowly, pausing after each word to allow the software to process it.

Voice-activated technology is booming today. Voice chats, text-to-speech, and advanced voice assistants are all included in a lot of applications. Dictation features have also become more common.

Many of the applications and websites you use on a regular basis have powerful dictation features. Turning words into typed text is simple with Google Docs, Apple text editors, and, of course, Siri.
Tips for using voice recognition software

While dictation software does a decent job of distinguishing between different voices, it isn’t perfect.

  1. Speak in a normal manner (with caveats). Over time, dictation apps learn your voice and speech habits. And you’ll want to be at ease if you’re going to spend some time with them. Speak in a relaxed manner. Try enunciating more if you’re not having 90 percent accuracy right away.
  2. Be punctual. You must say each period, comma, question mark, and so on when you dictate. It’s not smart enough for the machine to find it out on its own.
  3. Pick up a few basic commands. Take the time to become familiar with a few basic commands, such as “newline” for entering a line break. Composing, editing, and running your computer all require different commands. Commands vary by app, so learn the ones that relate to the one you’ve chosen.
  4. Be aware of your limitations. Some tools, especially on mobile devices, have a time limit on how long they can listen, which is typically between 30 and 45 seconds. Check the screen from time to time to ensure you haven’t exceeded the limit.
  5. Put it into effect. It takes some time to get used to voice recognition software, but the more you use it, the simpler it becomes. Some of the more advanced apps encourage you to practice by reading passages or doing other brief exercises. Don’t be afraid to use tutorials, support menus, and cheat sheets on-screen.

Why do you need Dictation Software?

The most noticeable advantage of using dictation over typing is the time savings. Good dictation software for Mac can process about 150 words per minute, according to Mobius, while even the most experienced keyboard ninjas can only type 80 words per minute at most. Are you unimpressed? Here are several more ways that dictation software can assist you:

Make time for the right stuff. For example, a good night’s sleep. Seriously, creating text by dictation saves time and allows you to accomplish more with less effort.

Take notes on your thoughts when you’re out and about. You’ve heard it said that the best ideas come in the shower. If you have your phone with you, you can use Siri to jot down those thoughts without having to get out of the shower.

People with disabilities will benefit greatly from this service. Of course, voice dictation software isn’t just a time-saver; it’s also an excellent usability aid. Dictation apps are extremely useful if you are unable to type with your hands for some purpose.

Avoid the negative consequences of bad ergonomics. Poor ergonomics causes eye and skin issues, as well as strain injuries. Dictation enables you to function while standing or walking, which has a significant positive impact on your physical health and well-being.

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Best Dragon Naturally Speaking Mac

Google, it’s your turn. Macintosh dictation program What resources can you try in 2021? We looked at a few free and paid applications and came to the following conclusion: You don’t need to buy any dictation software if you use a Mac. Modern free dictation software for Mac produces excellent results and is already installed on your computer. However, you will need assistance in editing the file, so continue reading.

Google Docs voice typing

Google Doc Voice Typing is a dictation app designed especially for Google Docs. The good news is that it’s much more precise than Apple Dictation; the bad news is that it’s only available in Chrome. So, if you’re a die-hard Safari guy, this isn’t for you.

By going to Tools > Voice Typing, you can allow Google Docs dictation. On the left side of your document, you’ll see a microphone icon. Start dictating by clicking on it.

Google Docs voice typing

What would you do with Google Docs voice typing? Long-form material, blog posts, rough draughts, and other similar items. If you’re a regular user of Google Docs and do the majority of your writing in this app (in Chrome), it’ll save you a lot of time.

Apple Dictation

Apple Dictation is a free dictation app for Mac and iOS devices that works with Apple’s Voice Control features. It works in all native text editors, messengers, and pretty much every other software where you can type. On a Mac, you can allow Dictation by following these steps:

  • Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard
  • Click on the Dictation tab
  • Select “On” next to Dictation.

You can allow a convenient shortcut for Dictation in the same tab so that whenever you use it, you can immediately begin dictating and your words will be translated into text. Wherever your cursor is, the words will appear.

Go to Accessibility > Voice Control if you want to use Apple’s native software for more voice-controlled functions, such as asking your Mac when to open specific applications. This is the place where you can make your own voice commands. You can also use the function to automate text formatting: for example, set rules for when you want to insert a screenshot or start a new paragraph in your text.

What is the purpose of Apple Dictation? In general, voice-based commands. The precision is very good (according to Zapier’s research, Apple Dictation gives you 11 inaccurate words on a 200-word test). For someone who needs a cross-platform solution for Apple devices and enjoys automating workflows with voice commands, we suggest Apple Dictation.

Use Siri for dictation

Siri is inextricably linked to Apple Dictation and Voice Control. In reality, Siri’s speech-recognition engine is used exclusively in Voice Control. Converting words into text with Apple Dictation and Siri, on the other hand, are two very different processes for Mac users. Siri is perfect for jotting down a short note or providing an answer to your question, but it can’t click any button right away.

When you bind Voice Control and Siri, however, the magic happens. Here’s an easy example: Accessibility > Voice Control > Commands is the place to go. Set up your shortcut by pressing the Plus button:

  • When I say Hey Siri, paste text
  • While using Any application
  • Perform Paste text.

No matter which voice dictation program you use, this is an excellent way to automate workflows through all of your applications.

Go to System Preferences > Siri > Allow Ask Siri to activate Siri on your Mac. You can also change the Siri shortcut, language, and other options from this menu.

What are the benefits of Siri dictation? Fast voice commands or when you need an answer to a question (Siri will look it up for you on the internet). You can also use it in conjunction with Apple’s dictation feature to build custom voice shortcuts and automate processes.

Best Tools to Edit Dictated Text

Some people will never search for the “speech dictation app Mac” because they believe typing is easier than editing dictated text. That’s where they’re mistaken. You can edit your dictation on the fly with today’s dictation app for Mac. Even if you don’t want to use editing commands while speaking, there are some fantastic tools that will polish your text for you in a matter of seconds.

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FAQ: Best Dictation Software for Mac

Q #1) What is a dictation app?

Answer: To transcribe documents by speaking, dictation software is used. A voice-to-text recognition function is included in the transcription program. Instead of typing the text, you can use the software to transcribe it.

Q #2) What are the features of dictation software?

Answer: Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR), Text To Speech (TTS), and Speech Synthesis are only a few of the features available in dictation apps. Advanced features such as speaker authentication and Optical Character Recognition are available in some applications (OCR).

Q #3) Is using a dictation app faster than typing?

Answer: A speech recognition program will cut the time it takes to write a document in half. Users will type up to 30 words per minute on average. Users can conveniently transcribe 150 words per minute using dictation software.

Q #4) How does a dictation application work?

Answer: It works by using an algorithm to analyze each tone. It finds the most likely character that matches the spoken sounds and converts them to text.

Q #5) What are the uses of a dictation application?

Answer: Speech recognition software does more than just translate voice to text. You can command and monitor the Internet browser with some dictation tools. Furthermore, certain dictation software allows you to monitor electronic devices such as your car navigation system.

Q #6) What is AI-based dictation software?

Answer: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in AI-based dictation applications to perform advanced speech analysis. During dictation, the AI-based dictation program can detect and suppress background noise.

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