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Dragon 15 Home Vs Professional Edition – Which Is Best?

dragon 15 home and professional specifications

Difference Between Dragon 15 Home Vs Professional 

In this article, you will learn the difference between Dragon 15 Home Vs Professional Specification. Both are speech recognition solutions. But One is for home and the other is for professional individuals. In other words, commands are different for the home versions and for the professional versions. So the software helps users to dictate.

Nuance Dragon Home Version 15 Vs Professional 

In Dragon Home Version 15 addition is a speech recognition solution for home users. Designed with the help of Nuance Deep Learning technology. Dragon quickly converts words into text 3x faster than typing with up to 99% recognition accuracy.

Dictate homework assignments, send an email, surf the web, and more. You can do everything just using your voice. There is no better way to get more work done on your PC than Dragon. We have mentioned a few features below so you can learn.

Specifications of Dragon Home Version 15

Dictate documents

Transform your ideas into text at high speed. Simply speak and your words appear on the screen 3x faster than typing by hand and with up to 99% accuracy. Do your homework, write a blog, complete your to-do lists with Full-Text Control in Microsoft Word. You can send emails in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software makes it easier for a user so they can get a better result.

Browse the Web by voice

Use your voice to search the Web using an Internet browser. Search for recipes, information, directions, and more. With Dragon Voice, you can even combine common multi-tasks into direct voice commands, no matter which applications are currently active.

Email and calendar maintenance

Email friends and family by speaking, editing, and sending messages with Microsoft Outlook, or with Gmail. Manage your kids’ activities, social engagements, and other appointments in your calendar with voice.

Stay connected 

Update Facebook and Twitter status and access social media without touching the keyboard. You can speak in a chat instead of typing to message. So it is easy to chat with friends and family.

Dragon Professional Individual 15

Dragon Professional Individual is a smart speech recognition solution. Busy professionals can use this software to create reports fast. So you can spend less time documenting on paper. Using Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your voice.

So they can deliver new levels of personalized accuracy and productivity. Efficient conversion, powerful customization, and the ability to sync with the Dragon Software anywhere.

Specifications of Dragon Professional Individual 15

Dragon is now fast and accurate than before

Dragon Professional Individual v15 provides speech recognition with a next-generation speech engine. It brings consistent speech recognition accuracy. Accuracy with Deep Learning technology and adapt the techniques that continuously adjust to your voice.

Interaction by voice

Dragon improves productivity and creativity by letting you communicate with your computer by voice. It turns your spoken words into text. You can easily switch between a keyboard, a mouse so you can use the mode of input as per your preference.

Create custom words and vocabulary 

Dragon Professional Individual learns words, names, and other specific phrases that you frequently use. It can capture your unique words the way you want.

Time-Saving Macros

Create macros to handle multi-step workflows or business processes via simple voice commands.

Note: Convert your recordings from audio files to text. It provides accuracy. Compatible with mobile so a user can use it on a smartphone as well.

Work easily using touchscreens

Dragon is optimized for touchscreen PC so you can experience new levels of documentation on the go.

Text-to-speech or audio playback

Dragon’s text-to-speech capability is a Similarly natural-sounding voice that reads a designated text to you. Therefore simplifying and supporting new levels of multi-tasking. So with Dragon Professional Individual, You can transcribe. You can also listen to an audio playback of your own dictation or will get associated text highlighted on the screen.

Microphone option

You can call our support line. or you can ask for a compatible microphone so you will not have trouble.

Accessible to Everyone

Above all, Dragon Professional Individual eliminates barriers for individual workers with disabilities. disabilities limit their ability to use a keyboard and mouse. So it is easy for someone to use the computer and understand Dragon 15 home Vs Professional.

A Quick Guide Nuance Dragon 15 Home Vs Professional

Are you in search of an easier way to be able to browse the ‘Internet’ without any hassle? Well, then you would be glad knowing that you have reached just the perfect siteDragon Home Vs Professional’.

You must have come across Nuance Dragon speech-to-text software. Earlier it was known as ‘Dragon Naturally Speaking’ and is also popularly known as one of the topmost industry leaders today in speech recognition.

What is Nuance Dragon Home all about?

This version of Nuance Dragon Home Version 15 is specifically designed for personal uses i.e. students and families that are looking forward to an easy way to;

  • Browse the internet
  • Communicate via email as well as social media.
  • And also to complete assignments.

What Dragon Home v15 Offers To You

An Enjoyable Experience

Dragon Home takes your spoken words and intelligently converts them into text. Simply speak and your words appear on your computer screen. The software is easy to run and simple to use. Create files, get through your to-do list, send emails or surf the Internet faster. also, it allows you turn of your PC without touching your PC.

No Typing, Just Speaking

Want to work hands-free? Capture your thoughts quickly and completely, without having to keep your eyes on the screen or hands on the keyboard then use dragon. When it’s time to edit your documents, use Dragon’s commands through the process. therefor use dragon to save time.

Turn Talk Into Text

Turn speech into text – three times faster than typing – with up to 99% recognition accuracy. Create and edit documents, command homework assignments, send emails, update social posts and more. Above all, Dragon naturally Speaking learns as you go.

Use Different Platforms

The built-in text editor, use Dragon Home v15 with popular Windows applications. Dictate documents with Full-Text Control in Microsoft Word, send email in Microsoft Outlook, search the Web using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, post to Facebook or Twitter and more – all by voice. 

Powerful Intuitive Voice Commands

Dragon Voice collapses common multi-step tasks into direct voice commands.

Comfort and Ease

With Dragon Home, you can help prevent any kind of stress injuries by using your PC in a comfortable, accessible way without being tied to your keyboard and mouse. Run applications, select menu items, press keys and switch from one window to another using voice commands. You can even select microphone options, including Bluetooth, plug-in headset, or even the microphone built-in so dragon naturally speaking makes user life easier.

Nuance Dragon Professional (A Complete Package in Itself)

Whereas, Dragon Professional software comes along, with a variety of functions that helps to complete office task smoothly and faster. It focuses mainly on individual professionals or entire businesses. And it brings the most unique set of tools that are very useful.

The users have the following to access;

  • They can fill out forms, sheets as well documents by using voice commands.
  • They can turn recordings into editable texts.
  • To import custom vocabulary that will suit their particular industry.

Common Features of Dragon Home Vs Professional

You should know that both the versions of Dragon ‘Home and Professional’ come along with a common set of basic features that are uniquely designed.

In other words, Nuance Dragon Home 15 is the baseline Dragon product and it contains essential features. However, Professional and the other advanced versions of Dragon come along with everything Dragon Home provides, and also with additional functions as well as industry-specific features.

Basic Features of Dragon Home V15 and Dragon Professional

Mentioned below are some basic features provided in Nuance Dragon Home V15 and Dragon Professional Versions. 

  • The software has a high level of speech recognition accuracy and it also works well in a noisy environment or if one speaks with an accent.
  • This is so, as the ‘Deep Learning technology adapts to the users’ voice, accent, and speech pattern and hence making the program more accurate every time it’s used.
  • It also provides a set of commands that not only allows one to write through dictating but also to format and edit. The users can create bold and underlined text with just simple voice commands and get Dragon to write down exact abbreviations, numbers, dates, etc.
  • The unique tools allow you to browse the web, post, comment on social media, and also send emails via voice commands. (You should know – We speak three times faster than we type).

Additional Features in Nuance Dragon Professional

There are a few versions added in Dragon Professional, nevertheless, you can choose the ‘Individual’ and the ‘Group’ versions.

You should opt for ‘Dragon Anywhere’ as this is a cloud-based service that can be accessed from any device. Or you can just go for an industry-specific version.

Lately, Dragon is also covering banking and financial services, social services, law enforcement, and legal professions.  It also has a ‘Medical version’ that is specially designed only for physicians and medical transcriptionists.

However, it all covers industry-specific vocabulary and is completely adapted to specific professions’ requirements and needs.

System Requirements for Dragon Home V15 and Professional 

Well, there’s not really much difference between the system requirements of both versions ‘Dragon Home and Professional’. This is so, as they both come in the form of a digital download, for which the user’s computer must have an equivalent of or better such as;

  • RAM – Minimum 4GB
  • CPU – Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor (You should know that faster processors perform faster).
  • Free hard disk space – 8GB
  • The supported operating systems – MS Windows 7, 8, 1, and 10 (32-bit to 64-bit)
  • Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 11 or later, or the current version of Firefox and Chrome.
  • Sound Card: This must support 16-bit recording.

Final Thought

If you want to know more about Dragon 15 Home Vs Professional, then you are free to reach the experts of Dragon professional for quick guidelines and solutions. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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FAQ: Dragon 15 Home vs Professional Specification

What’s the difference between Dragon Professional and Dragon home?

Unlike Dragon Home, Dragon Professional Individual allows you to create and edit spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel while maintaining complete control over your speech-to-text conversion. It also allows you to construct unique voice commands for common texts, which makes editing much faster and simple.

What is the difference between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and Premium?

For organizations and large businesses, Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium also has enterprise profile management. Finally, the Professional Edition allows you to save synced audio from your dictation in Microsoft Word or DragonPad as a separate file in addition to the transcribed text.

Can you upgrade from Dragon home to professional?

It is possible to upgrade from an older version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to the most recent version. Because Professional is a higher Edition than Premium, upgrading from Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Premium to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional is possible.

What is the best version of Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is the most advanced version of Dragon to date. The one exception is that you should always acquire the most recent version of Dragon that you can afford and avoid Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 or 11.5. A new UI and voice model was implemented in version 11.