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Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13

An in-depth review of Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13

Control your PC using just your voice using Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 from Nuance. This DVD-based Windows-compatible voice recognition application, which comprises a normal headset and USB adapter, may open or close apps and transcribe exactly what you state quicker than you can sort it.

These capabilities allow you to work up to 3 times quicker than if you’re typing. The program might be used to write and edit emails and files in Microsoft Office, Word Perfect X7, and Open Office Writer 4.1, in addition to surf the internet launch programs, select menu items, implement key purposes, and much more, all using your own voice.

Several new features are made into Obviously dragon naturally speaking premium 13. They include greater transcription precision, wider compatibility with internet email tools, greater processing performance, simplified setup and sound installation, a redesigned user interface, the ability to utilize a computer’s internal microphone, and upgraded program support.

Additionally contained is Windows-compatible Password Genie applications, which can help you save and handle your online password and login info.

The program accomplishes the words and phrases that you use the maximum and can describe difficult words and proper names right. By utilizing the added Vocabulary Editor, only words or phrases could be added to get a more precise dictation.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 includes transcription attributes. Besides real-time dictation with a mic, the transcription attributes permit you to utilize a separately sold digital recorder to capture your audio, save it as a sound file, and Premium will transcribe that sound file into text.

The Premium version is compatible with Bluetooth microphones and cans and permits users to customize Pre-defined commands to match their particular needs.

Overview of Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13

The version of Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 is the center of the street choice. It has got more performance compared to the Home version, but maybe not quite all the qualities of Dragon 13 Professional. It is likely to function the majority of your everyday speech recognition demands, in addition to a number of the more advanced surgeries.

The Premium Version is Really a word-processing powerhouse that Additionally:

  • It works on the web and in email.
  • Fully supports Microsoft® Excel
  • Plays back your dictations so you can compare audio to text and make changes.
  • Both profiles and custom word lists can be imported and exported.
  • Both profiles and custom word lists can be imported and exported.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 Basics Overview

Dragon v13 Professional represents Nuance’s most grand speech recognition offering for the business world. As the top-tier edition, it features all of the features of DNS 13 Home and Premium.

Designed for customers that rely on highly customizable or advanced performance, the Pro edition powers multi-step custom controls support network configurations, also enables remote access environments.

If you don’t think you need this feature-rich, technically challenging version of Dragon, you should think twice before purchasing the Professional edition for three reasons:

It’s the only edition that integrates with all the dictation workflow applications from Philips® and Olympus®. That means that if you’re planning on having O D M S or Speech Exec Pro run your music files through Dragon speech recognition, you have ta have it. It’s also the only variant that supports roaming profiles.

If you’re hoping to be able to use Dragon on multiple computers, but need all of your voice information, custom words, and commands stored in 1 place, this is for you. Click here to learn more about profiles.

Finally, it is the only variant that supports remote configurations. In case your IT admin might like to work over RDP–with Dragon running on Windows® Server 2012, for example –you need Professional for your surroundings.

Other Advantages of Nuance Dragon Professional Over Premium

Here is a listing of other features available in the Dragon Naturally Speaking v13 Pro variant.

  • The ability to create more custom commands makes it easier to automate time-consuming tasks.
  • Custom commands and vocabularies can be backed up, imported, and shared between user profiles.
  • Multiple base vocabularies may be supported by a single profile.
  • It has been corrected, Transcriptionists can use the Only mode to listen to audio without having to open a Dragon dictation profile.
  • For IT professionals who prefer quiet deployment, MSI installation is available.
  • Audio files, along with Dragon-recognized speech, can be saved for later playback.


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