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Dragon Naturally Speaking Review in USA

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

If you are willing to Dragon Naturally Speaking review then read this blog. Here, we will discuss an in-depth explanation of this software. It is a voice recognition software marketed by a company called Nuance. A lot of people used this software to control their computers. 

I usually include some testing with Drag-on to see how easy it is for people. You will get the dragon software within a box. There are two key bits inside the box. The CD with the application on it, and a useful headset. which you can communicate with Dragon. Because of the sensitivity of voice emotion recognition software, it’s much better to use a headset with Dragon than a desktop/laptop microphone.

We write a review on dragon naturally speaking voice because nowadays this software is used by a lot of people but no one has complete knowledge about this. Now when you first install the Dragon Naturally Speaking trail it will recognize successfully most of what you’re saying.

But it’s much better to spend an hour or training Dragon to better recognize your voice. To do so, you’ll be asked to read some text passages given by Dragon. Dragon is tuning itself to your voice when you’re doing this.

Simple Dragon stores all the information about your voice in a profile, if you have more than one person who needs to use it, it’s possible to create multiple profiles on one machine, but each person will need to go through the training process.

The training process with Dragon actually never stops because every time you use it you can have Dragon update your profile to further improve its recognition source of your voice and vocabulary. You can also have a review on dragon NaturallySpeaking reviews documents and emails so that it recognizes technical terms.

How To Install Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

It is a good decision to take a review of Dragon Naturally Speaking software before using it. You can get a lot of reviews on Dragon Naturally Speaking over the internet. First of all, insert the DVD drive of Dragon software which you get along with the package.

After that, you just need to disable the Microsoft office’s alternative user input. So that there is no interruption between the installation of software.

Steps To Installation:-

  • If the installation does not start automatically use window explorer to find it.
  • Double click setup it’s on the DVD.
  • When you start installation on windows vista if you see a message program needs your permission to continue
  • Click continue to start the installation following the windows installer.
  • It installs two software packages visual c++ version 8.0 power with microphone drivers for medical edition then the wizard.
  • Starts to click Next to proceed to the License Agreement page go through the agreement.
  • Select I accept the Terms click Next provide your username and organization.
  • The serial number supplied to your installation is optional once the setup page appears.
  • Click the Change button and choose where to install the product if there are no previous versions of Dragon
  • Installed on your system the default directory is C backslash Program Files backslash nuance backslash.
  • Naturally Speaking 10 C version 10 file structure for a list of directories created by installation choose the set of type typical complete.

Installation Steps:

  • Click Next to continue now you can select any particular feature of the product and click to choose where.
  • When installing it the option of installing multiple languages and multiple vocabularies are available. I’ll choose any checkboxes under additional options to have additional dialogue boxes. Pop up at the end of the installation to make changes. This affects all users dictating on this computer.
  • Click Next to install the program page.
  • Where you can choose from an able Quick Start mode for the current user to upgrade. Existing speech files to work with the installation to start the installation process.
  • Click on the Install option when the installation completes proceeding with any of the following sessions. Then apply to your custom installation modifying application settings for all users.
  • Now click to choose to upgrade speech files earlier check yes check for program updates to download any updates after the setup completes and click finish to complete the installation dragon is undoubtedly the world best voice-recognition software here’s what it can do welcome to general training is about to begin training okay so what it did is it gave me a sample of how the training process is gonna work essentially.

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It gives me the option here to select a story to read now. There are a few different options and because obviously. We have the medical version installed we’ve got some pathology and radiology and medical reports those are great. I recommend it for first-time users or in the company of dragons.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Review to go through and read talking to your computer and the reason is that it’s a good introduction to dragon speech recognition software reviews and how speech recognition works and how you should dictate so for our training. We’re gonna go through and select talking to your computer when you click OK essentially.

We’re going to be brought back to the main window back here. Where we’re just gonna read for about five to six minutes until it tells us we’re done. When you’ve done reading, we’d like you to read aloud for a few minutes. While the machine listens to you and learns how you talk.

We’ll make some adjustments. Then you’ll be able to talk to your computer and see the words appear on your screen in the meantime. We would like to explain.

Dragon Transcription Review Speech Recognition

When we’re very young we’re already experts at speech recognition anywhere by the age of three or so when people first start using speech recognition software.

They can be shocked to hear that the machine makes errors. Perhaps unintentionally, we equate the machine to another human, but the computer is nothing like a person does. When it listens to speech is different from what a person. Does the first challenge in speech recognition is to identify? What is just noise people can easily filter out background noise, allowing us to communicate with one another almost anywhere.

We have conversations on the dance floor, in packed restaurants, and in crowded train stations; it would be very boring if we had to sit in a quiet room every time.

We want to talk to each other, unlike people computers need help separating speech sounds from other sounds. When you speak to a computer you should be in you must talk clearly through a microphone. That has been put in the proper location in a quiet environment.

If you do this the computer will hear you just fine and not get confused by other noises around you a second challenge in speech recognition is to speech from more than one speaker people do this very naturally we have no problem chatting one moment with Don Grace was a high thin voice and the next moment with cousin Paul who has a voice like a foghorn people easily adjust to the unique characteristics of every voice speech recognition software, on the other hand, works best when the computer has a chance to adapt the teaching process to each new speaker.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Review

Training is the process of teaching a machine to understand your voice. It’s what you’re doing right now; for most people, the training process takes just a few minutes. If you begin using the program you find that the computer is making more mistakes than you expect. Dragon software provided the accuracy.

Center to improve the recognition accuracy another challenge is how to distinguish between two or more phrases that sound alike people uses common sense and context knowledge of the topic being talked about to decide whether a speaker said ice cream or ice cream speech recognition programs don’t understand what words mean so they can’t use common sense the way people do instead.

How Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Works

They keep track of how many words appear on their own and in context with other words. This information helps the computer chooses the most likely word or phrase from among several possibilities finally people sometimes mumble slur their words or leave words out all together they normally believe that their listeners will be able to fill in the blanks; however, machines will not understand mumbled speech or missing words.

They can only understand what was actually said because they lack the knowledge to fill in the blanks by guessing what was said. Do you have a clear understanding of what it means to speak? Both clearly and naturally listen to the way the newscasters read the news. If you copy the style when you dictate the program should successfully recognize it.

When another person is having difficulty understanding you, speaking more slowly generally doesn’t help. However, to speak at an unnatural pace when you’re talking to a computer is because the program listens for predictable sound patterns when matching sounds to words if you speak in syllables each syllable is likely to be transcribed as a separate word and that’s it it’s not so bad so we’ve gone through we’ve read the story it says congratulations we simply click okay.

Advanced Features of Dragon Naturally Speaking

You’re able to utilize more advanced versions of the dragon dictation review software to control your computer. You can even import audio files into Dragon, and it will transcribe them for you.

I tested this with an audio file I recorded on my smartphone. To be honest, I don’t use Dragon for one or more of these things.

I am more interested in using Dragon to compose first drafts and also to protect against any issues that I have with RSI. The program is designed to enable people with disabilities to do things like browse their web browser, use shared applications on a pc and do everything you can do with a mouse or keyboard.

The precision was lower than that which I could have achieved using my headset and pc, but it is a useful feature if you’re stuck.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Versions

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium This variant contains more sophisticated features for authors and bloggers i.e. program support. It is also possible to talk about standard voice commands. Have a look at the links to the sites above and research which choice is most appropriate for you. Regrettably, it is no longer accessible on a Mac.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Individual Edition This PC version empowers dictation and voice command throughout your PC.

It is the default alternative for anybody who takes dictation seriously. Price $300. With this brand new voice application, I am ready to order a sentence and then begin typing the following one without perplexing Dragon (doing so in previous versions caused difficulties ).

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Edition After you have graduated beyond the free software in your pc, this is a fantastic entry point to a superior voice-to-text program. My only caveat is that Nuance releases a new version once every twelve months indicates there’s a noticeable price of ownership. Like I had been a Dragon 5.0 client, I compensated USD 100 to get an early update.

I am in a position to use Dragon in my favorite writing programmers such as Pages, Scrivener, Word, Ulysses, and IA Writer, and also the precision is apparently improved.

The latest version of Dragon is much more precise than previous versions, and unlike old versions of Dragon, it does not crash often.

Dragon Home, Professional or Legal?

Dragon software Reviews is available in a variety of versions to fit your preferences and needs. Professional versions offer capabilities that are likely to be beneficial to the chosen specialty. Dragon Home provides the necessary functionality.

As I’ll explain below, for individuals who determine they require dictation software, the version they choose is just as crucial as the software provider.

1  Dragon Naturally Speaking  Professional Individual v15 Review 

Dragon Naturally speaking  Professional 15 review Nuance Communications’ Dragon Professional v15 speech recognition software, introduced in 2016, is a popular choice for both individuals and organizations.

Dragon, like all of the top speech-to-text apps, lets you create and modify documents using your voice, but it also lets you transcribe pre-recorded audio and browse the web.

This speech recognition software is compatible with a broad range of products, including Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, and Chrome, and boasts an amazing accuracy rate as well as the ability to become more “intelligent” as you use it. Dragon has been trained to recognize your speech, and it’s simple to expand its enormous base vocabulary to meet your individual requirements.

We lay down the many features available with Dragon Professional, look at the price plans, and compare them to the competition in this review.

Benefits – Do you find yourself using the same text and visuals over and over? Alternatively, you can use custom voice phrases to have Dragon Professional include them. Using the Anywhere functionality in the Professional edition, you can leave your work on your desktop PC and pick it up on another device.

Documentation – In addition to learning words and phrases, smart format rules can be used to incorporate acronyms, contact information, and dates using corporate branding schemes. By using voice, you can highlight, underline, bold, or change the size of the text. It can be used in a wide range of business applications.

This makes one wonder why anyone would purchase a generic “Professional” version when there is almost certainly a more feature-rich industry-specific version available. Dragon Professional, on the other hand, is designed for corporations, freelancers, and even ambitious home users who want to bridge the gap between Home and Legal and don’t require a specific vocabulary but do need good documentation features.

2. Dragon Home v15 / Dragon Typing Software Review

drgaon home15

For a “simple” product, Dragon Home (see website) has a strong feature set. It includes all of the features I mentioned above and costs $200.00.

Dragon’s capacity to translate speech-to-text up to three times faster than typing is highlighted by Nuance. The experiences of users all across the world support this capability.

People say they can speak in a natural cadence. Dragon Home had no trouble keeping up with their voice as long as their hardware was powerful enough.

Fast:- Nuance claims to be three times faster than a typewriter in transcribing, while this does not account for the time spent dictating punctuation and special characters. If you want completely punctuated text, Dragon Home15 review also requires you to orally declare every punctuation mark and unique character. There are tutorials available here.

Resources:– Keep in mind that real-time speech-to-text recognition and translation will consume a lot of resources. Users should be aware of this reality, especially while using their machine learning functions. Avoid running it, including Dragon Home, alongside other heavy applications unless you have a powerful system.

Playback function:– This is an intriguing new capability that is only available in Dragon software. It does exactly what it says on the tin: it replays typed text. It’s particularly intriguing that it does so in your own voice. It’s a useful feature to have because one’s own voice is far more understandable than a robotic and generic one. Although hearing your own voice, with little changes, repeated back at you can be unsettling at times.

3. Nuance Dragon Legal v15

Nuance Dragon Legal v15Dragon Legal is a specialized version of Professional that is tailored to anyone working in the legal field. The Legal edition comes preloaded with hundreds of legal phrases and terminology, removing the need for the program to be trained in their use.

It includes the same capabilities as Dragon Professional, such as personalized voice commands, names, and terminology, as well as Dragon Anywhere. These features are especially beneficial in the legal field, where boilerplate contracting language and precedent material are frequently used.

Benefits:– Legal includes the ability to dictate and pre-record a string of text, as well as to conduct an interview and transcribe it later utilizing the tool. This function alone could be worth the $500 price tag for lawyers in remote places who are compelled to conduct witness interviews outside of more formal deposition environments.

Good to know:–Dragon Legal may cause legal complications for lawyers, similar to the legal challenges that may emerge for professionals utilizing Dragon Anywhere review (described below). The rules governing solicitor-client confidentiality and privilege are famously strict. Lawyers and anyone who works with them will need to pay special attention to how the files created by Dragon Legal are stored and secured.

Dragon Naturally Speaking alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking? Examine a variety of best Speech Recognition applications that provide similar features at lower pricing. Choose the finest Dragon Naturally Speaking rival that suits your specific company needs to empower your staff.

FAQ Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

Q #) What is Dragon Naturally Speaking

Answer: Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software suite created by Dragon Systems of Newton, Massachusetts, which was later purchased by Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products and then Nuance Communications. It’s compatible with Windows-based PCs.

Q #) Is Dragon Naturally Speaking worth it?

Answer: Nuance Dragon is dictation and voice recognition software. It’s simple to use and can be 99 percent accurate. Nuance Dragon Software is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools available, however, achieving a level of accuracy of 99.9% will necessitate considerably more effort.

Q #) Which version of Dragon Naturally Speaking is best?

Answer: Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 is the most advanced version of Dragon to date. The one exception is that you should always acquire the most recent version of Dragon that you can afford and avoid Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 or 11.5. In version 11 you will get a new UI and voice model.

Q #) How good is Dragon Dictate Reviews?

Answer: The verdict is in. Dragon Professional is a sophisticated speech-to-text program that is suitable for anyone who wants or needs to produce documents or emails using their voice. Dragon is an excellent alternative for any organization that could profit from live dictation because of its high accuracy rate, extensive vocabulary, and wide variety of commands.


In Summary, Nuance’s voice recognition app:- Dragon Naturally Speaking Review is the subject of this study. Many people with motor impairments use voice recognition software like Dragon to monitor their computers and laptops, including searching the web and creating and editing documents, which piques my interest. 

Here we did try to give an in-depth review on Dragon Naturally Speaking. If you want to know more about this amazing software then you can call the Dragon Customer Helpline Support number.

Call Us: +1-888-652-9580

In short, the moto of reviewing Dragon Naturally Speaking software is to spread good knowledge to the users. If you like this article “Dragon Naturally Speaking Reviews” then please share this with another person.

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