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How to Update Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Update Dragon Naturally Speaking

How to Update Dragon Naturally Speaking?

There are three ways to Update Dragon Naturally Speaking and install dragon software on your windows computer. I will put them below, so it will be easier for you to understand.

Step For Update Dragon Naturally Speaking 

The notification area of windows. open your nuance dragon update software and click on install update.

  • If you do not see any available updates on dragon naturally speaking update software, you can click on check of an update on the top corner of dragon naturally speaking upgrade software.
  • While installing dragon update software, if you check the box to install updates without you doing anything.
  • The software will update on its own. This means you don’t have to do anything with installing the update on DNS software.
  • Nuance support and dragon support have made things easy for the user to update the software.

Make sure while installing update all application is closed and you have saved. Data if you have not done that You may not be able to update your using dragon naturally speaking software.

If you do face any issues, you can always call on dragon support number and nuance support number.

Once you update your software, it may ask you to restart your computer. You should go ahead and restart your computer and try to reopen the software.

There are many different problems that may come while you are trying to update the software. If you do face any issues, you can call the dragon support number or nuance support number.

If you try to update and your antivirus or firewall stops the nuance server to get connected to the software.

That means there is no communication between dragon software to nuance server.

You need to either contact a firewall technician or dragon support experts.

We can fix any issues that you may face with your software be it antivirus or firewall issues or dragon is not dictating, or command is not working on.

Dragon Naturally Speaking in BitTorrent

Hey guys it’s Sam with the blind spot so a couple of weeks ago I purchased this new software that I wanted to show you guys today it’s called Dragon it is a speech texter program I got it for Windows I’m not sure if it’s available for Mac it probably is but so hangouts.

I’m going to jump on the computer and I’ll do a little demo and show you. How well it works or how well it doesn’t work so we’re back alright. So I really quickly wanted to show you the microphone. I use it’s a very very cheap microphone and it still works great it’s this little one.

I probably got it from a drugstore or something 20 years ago forever ago. It only has one audio plug that plugs into the microphone port on my desktop here. So it is not a USB microphone that does work though and whenever I’m using this software.

This is where I put my mic and I just talk naturally into it alright guys. So now that you’ve seen where I keep the microphone.

What type of Dragon Naturally Speaking Microphone

I use we’ll talk about the application it’s running here already in the background you see this little dock up here at the top this is always here and no matter what you go into let’s see.

If I can get into something here we’ll just jump into youtube here and you see in the top here this dock is still there it’s always there so now you probably noticed that when I mouse over that dock it expands and we have several different options here so we’ll go over these real quick these options here will control the dragon bars what this thing up here is called then we have profile options.

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So all about your profile and your account tools we have a dragon pad which we’ll use here in a second as well as some other two fools and this one here is vocabulary and there are options in here to help drag and learn better learn from emails and learn from other documents you can also add new dragon words or phrases then you have the microphone button here.

This initiates the recording audio now some versions of Dragon will read text allow to you I didn’t purchase that I got the cheapest one this is the home version and I think it’s like I said it’s the cheapest version.

I think this was like $60 it was on sale on I’ll put a link to it so mine does not read text out loud to me and then of course there’s help with a lot of options Wow okay so let’s zoom out a little bit here we’ll go into the tools and we’ll open the dragon bar.

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This is right here and you see that green window that popped up it just has little helpful tips and tricks that pop up every now and then now this dragon pad. I think I said dragon bar earlier dragon pad it’s just like a wordpad or notepad program you can edit text and documents and things like that and change the font all that kind of stuff here.

We’re all very familiar with but we are going to use this to test it out dragon software does have voice control you can’t turn it on you can’t initiate the recording with the voice you have to click the big red microphone button there but once it’s recording you can do certain things and you can also you can control certain things I should say and then you can also turn the microphone off with your voice you don’t have to click on the button again.

So we will start this up and once this button turns from red to green it’s listening for everything you say and it will dictate everything down on the pad so we’ll see how well it does we’ll just talk normally all right.

We’re recording, and it looks like it’s listening to us pretty well period now you notice you do have to put in your punctuation period you can even throw in certain specialized punctuation like open print this closed print you can also change lines as.

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If you were starting a new sentence period new line, all in all, I think it works pretty well comma seems to be picking up everything. I say even if I tend to talk pretty quickly exclamation mark of course.

We’ll double-check at the end to see. How well, it did exclamation mark the software even has settings for different accents commas like southern comma and accents from other countries excluding exclamation mark microphone off. So there you go you see.

I use the microphone off command to turn off the microphone. It did just that now let’s see how well it did here zoom in so I can actually read it alright. I take it back I just learned something cool in this dragon pad. It actually does read the text for me so I thought that feature wasn’t available to me but turns out. It is so we can use it to read back the text and see how well we did see.

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How well it did actually dot all right we’re recording and it looks like it’s listening to us pretty well now. You notice you do have to put in your punctuation. You can even throw in certain specialized punctuation like this you can also change lines as. If you are starting a new sentence, all in all, I think it works pretty well it seems to be picking up everything I say even if.

I tend to talk pretty quickly of course. We’ll double-check at the end to see how well it did the software even has settings for different accents like southern and accents from other countries that’s pretty cool alright. So, it worked they got everything and it got everything all the punctuation z’.

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I believe but all in all like, I said works pretty well. I’m pretty happy with it for 60 bucks. I am definitely happy with it works online. Go on YouTube and Facebook and answer comments very quickly. I just click in there and Start the microphone and dictate my response and it works great.

So there you know guys that were the Dragon Naturally Speaking Alternative software this one is for Windows but I will double-check if it’s for Mac as well and well thank you very much for study guys.

What is the latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking VersionRelease dateEditions
15May 1, 2017Dragon Professional Group (Languages: English US and German only)
15January 22, 2018Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 (Languages: English US)

Final Thought

If still, you have some queries with Update Dragon Naturally Speaking then without giving it any other thought, reach the professional for quick help. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

FAQ: Dragon Naturally Speaking upgrade

Que:1) How do you upgrade Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Answer) Note: Go to “Start > All Programs > Dragon NaturallySpeaking > Dragon NaturallySpeaking Tools > Upgrade User Profiles” to access the User Profile Upgrade Wizard.

Que:2) How do you update your dragon professional individual?

Answer) Close Dragon and any other third-party programs.
Here’s where you can get the update.
Double-click the “DPI15DOT3.exe” file to start the program.
Follow the steps in the Install Shield Wizard.