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Top 10 Best Speech Recognition Software in [2023]

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Best speech recognition software

What is Speech Recognition Software and its Features?

Speech Recognition Software helps in converting speech into readable text with a high degree of accuracy via AI, ML as well as NLP techniques. In this content, you will find Top 10 Best Speech Recognition Software for Mac or another device (as well as platforms) in 2023.

So, move ahead and in case of any difficulties related to dragon speech recognition software then must contact the professionals for 100% guidelines and solutions.

Dragon Speech Recognition Software is an advanced technology that is used for processing the speech uttered into natural language as well as converting it into readable text with an excellent degree of accuracy with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as natural language methods.

How Does Speech Recognition Software Work?

Speech Recognition Software is used for excellent transcription and also, and it helps in addressing the hot of other use cases.

For instance, the output of the software can be used for running the voice-based search on voice-activated systems such as virtual assistants as well as smart home appliances.

It has the ability to convert as well as recognize the speech and also, helps in producing comprehensive data for analysis.

For instance, you can simply analyze call records simply by integrating them with the help of a cloud contact center.

Amazing Key Features of Dragon Speech Recognition Software 

High Accuracy

It provides high accuracy and so, it helps in converting the uttered speech into written text in a more excellent way.

Transcription Capabilities

It helps in connecting the external transcription tool and helps in two functions tool and also, the software helps in understanding as well as processing the voice inputs.

Also, it helps in generating the text transcription which is available for downloading as well as subtitling files as well as documents.

AI and ML Model Training

With the help of AI as well as MI model training, it helps in transforming the voice inputs into large volumes of machine-readable information and also provides more accuracy.

Developer Support

With the help of developer support, application programming interfaces can be easily available for embedding functionality in different applications.

For instance, a developer can easily leverage the speech recognition API for building an industry-specific voice assistant for searching via complex knowledge repositories.

Enterprise Readiness

It helps in using speech recognition software that includes document management, voice-based search, high volume, voice data processing, and many more. Also, the software helps in hosting as well as processing voice data in the compliant data center.

What is Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition software is the type of software or app that works by using your voice to speak it in natural language. Converting speech to text and understanding spoken commands are attributes of the best voice recognition software.

Most people are familiar with personal assistants, many of which are familiar, such as Apple Siri, which first appeared in 2011, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa, both of which appeared in 2014. After this we got Google’s assistant in 2016.

Speech recognition aims to identify spoken words as well as convert them to written text, unlike voice recognition software which recognizes a person’s voice.

We can interpret it in a way that voice recognition identifies the speaker while speech recognition is the words we speak.

If you are looking to know the cost of voice recognition software, then let us tell you that this software may vary depending on your needs.

You can get it for free but you will not get much features in it, or else you will have to buy premium software from $4.99 to $80.00 for software license.

What Are the Benefits of Voice Recognition Software?

The advantage of voice recognition software is that it gives you a dynamic way to type, even if you’re not typing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

]When you’re using an external microphone, a headset, or the built-in microphone, the words you speak appear as text on your screen.

In this run-of-the-mill life, people are adopting this new way to improve their work, business, and organization or to use their time properly.

There is still a doubt in the minds of many people that how to use this software and what are its benefits.

Voice recognition software can provide a variety of benefits in a variety of industries, including healthcare, legal, and professional ones.

You can use voice recognition software in your daily life activities in which some of the tasks can be done by you like calling someone, scheduling your meeting, and taking notes etc.

You can also take advantage of this software in such a way that where it used to take a long time to complete any work in your business, you can use this software to do that work at a fixed time.

Voice recognition software can spell the words you speak or type just like any other writing tool.

List of Top 10 Speech Recognition Software and Platform in 2023

Below we are given to you the latest speech recognition software .

Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Speech Interaction

It uses advanced technology such as speech synthesis, voice recognition, and natural language comprehension for building its intelligent speech interaction.

It is available in different languages such as Cantonese, Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, English, French, and many more.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- The company has not disclosed the exact accuracy level.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- It offers multilingual transcription in real-time and also, from pre-recorded files.
  • AI and ML Model Training :- Helps in reducing errors by 20%.
  • Developer Support : – Provides a wide range of APIs as well as developer guides.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Offers pre-built enterprise solutions for real-time subtitling as well as service call analysis.
  • USP :- It used an innovative low frame rate technology which helps in reducing the response time without compromising any kind of accuracy.
  • Pricing :- The price starts from $1 per hour for recording files as well as $1.40 per hour.
  • Editorial Comments :- This is suitable for short sentence recognition.

Amazon Transcribe

This is a speech recognition software that is used for adding speech-to-text capabilities with the help of natural language processing.

Also, it helps in taking up the audio input, as well as creating easy-to-read and helps in reviewing the transcript.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Offers accuracy levels up to 80%.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Helps in producing transcription that is simple to read as well as integrating into business apps.
  • AI and ML Model Training :- Offers ten alternative transcriptions that support CLM.
  • Developer Support :- Friendly for developers.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Compliance with enterprise regulations such as HIPAA.
  • USP :- Focused on privacy, security as well as compliance.
  • Pricing :- It is free for 1 hour and it costs around $0.00780 per minute for a year.
  • Editorial Comments :- Provides a high degree of customization.

Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition 

This has been developed in 1997 and has been acquired by many companies. It offers ASR solutions that include professional as well as individual applications, and law enforcement.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Offers 99% accuracy
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Ready to use transcription software as well as voice control document editing.
  • AI & MI Model Training :- Has limited support for customization.
  • Developer Support :- Offers many developer resources for creating chatbots, messaging systems and other speech recognition apps.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Helps in installing the software on the desktop.
  • USP :- It is best for business users.
  • Pricing :- Starts at $200 for windows and the professional edition starts from $150.
  • Editorial Comments :- It is one of the reputed leaders in AI as well as speech recognition software segments.


It offers automated speech recognition with the help of real-time transcription with the help of end-to-end deep learning and also, and it is a partner of NVIDIA and Y Combinator startup.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Offers 90% accuracy.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Focused on both AI as well as speech analytics. 
  • AI & MI Model Training :- One can easily create as well as helps in training custom speech models.
  • Developer Support :- Offers APIs as well as SDKs and other integration tools for supporting developers.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Offers tailored solutions.
  • USP :- Provides industry-leading transcription speed so you can instantly record long text.
  • Pricing :- Starts at $0.0125 per minute. 
  • Editorial Comments :- It is ready to use in contact center scenarios.

Google Speech-To-Text API

It is a cloud-based ASR software as well as API that has been powered by the sophisticated ML technology of the company. Also, it supports more than 125 languages as well as different collections of pre-trained models for the respective specific domains.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Provides an accuracy rate of 80 to 85%.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Helps in transcribing audio in more than 125 languages.
  • AI & MI Model Training :- Users can easily train the module with domain-specific vocab as well helps in performing in challenging audio conditions.
  • Developer Support :- Offers developer first with rich APIs as well as detailed documentation.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Leverage speech-to-text on-premises offering for ensuring data privacy.
  • USP :- This helps in reducing model training as well as developer effort.
  • Pricing :- Free from the first 60 minutes and then charge $0.004 per 15 seconds.
  • Editorial Comments :- It helps in handling speech recognition in challenging surroundings.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services For Speech

It is built on the Azure cloud which has two components for helping developers to build the applications from the ground up as well as speech studio for customizing as well as helping to tailor the software functionality with the help of no-code experience.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Provides an accuracy rate of 75 to 80%.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Helps in transcribing the audio in more than 100 languages.
  • AI & MI Model Training :- Helps in creating custom ones without directly writing code.
  • Developer Support :- Helps in developing the courses as well as has ready-to-use code in the provided studio.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Offers zero speech logging policy.
  • USP :- It can help in converting the speech into text along with it, helps in identifying the speaker.
  • Pricing :- Free up to five per month and also, and it costs around $1 per hour/.
  • Editorial Comments :- Helps in emerging enterprise use cases such as voice-controlled interfaces.

Assembly AI

It is a startup specializing which used cutting-edge deep learning technologies for creating helpful speech recognition solutions. It has also raised $22 million in March 2022 for developing its speech recognition engine further.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Offers 100% accuracy as it has both automated speech recognition with human transcriptionists.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- It helps in converting the audio or video files and also provides live audio streams into the respective text/.
  • AI & MI Model Training :- One can easily train the models along with the custom vocab.
  • Developer Support :- Provides extensive API documentation for supporting developers.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – It is considered to the company’s dedicated solution for the users of the business.
  • USP :- Has a powerful audio intelligence tool.
  • Pricing :- It starts at $0.00025 per second.
  • Editorial Comments :- Easy to use as well as it is not transparent about data hosting as well as compliance practices.


It helps in adding speech recognition abilities to any application as well as driving voice-based activation for different IoT devices. Also, it offers ultra-fast speech recognition and is suitable for all computing environments.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Provides an accuracy rate of up to 85%.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Helps in generating transcription in different languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, etc.
  • AI & MI Model Training :- Helps in customizing AI as well as models by simply accessing the source code for absolutely free.
  • Developer Support :- Compliance.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Compliance with HIPAA as well as GDPR.
  • Pricing :- The plan starts from $999 per month for 10,000 hours of the respective transcription.
  • Editorial Comments :- Offers free tier and also helps in receiving adequate support.

Voice Gain

It is used for deep neural networks which are trained with thousands of hours of audio datasets for enabling accurate ASR. Also, it helps in supporting batch-based as well as helps in streaming audio conversation via APIs and other software applications.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Offers 85-90% accuracy.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Offers a handy transcription assistant app.
  • AI & MI Model Training :- Train the speech recognition engine with the help of audio datasets.
  • Developer Support :- Offers a different range of APIs.
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Helps in deploying in private data centers.
  • Pricing :- Starts from $0.0025 per minute.
  • Editorial Comments :- One can quickly integrate into existing telephony systems instantly.

IBM Watson Speech to Text

It provides powerful speech recognition capabilities for different development teams as well as enterprises. Also, it supports audio formats, multiple languages as well as programming interfaces. It is also good for call center analytics.

Key Features 

  • High Accuracy :- Offers 95% of accuracy.
  • Transcription Capabilities :- Helps in transcribing audio from seven languages automatically. 
  • AI & MI Model Training :- Helps in correctly recognizing product names as well as sensitive subjects. 
  • Developer Support :- Offers developers APIs. 
  • Enterprise Readiness : – Helps in implementing support as well as helps in tailoring the technology for meeting the needs of the enterprise.
  • USP :- It is a mature AI engine trained and helps in making it highly reliable as well as it is extremely accurate. 
  • Pricing :- Offers 500 minutes of free speech recognition per month and it costs around $0.01 per minute.
  • Editorial Comments :- It is ideal for those companies that require advisory as well as implementing support.

Final Verdict

In case of any issues related to Voice Recognition software, feel free to reach the experts for quick help as well as solutions. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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