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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Review Home Vs Premium

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium 

If you are confused between Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium then read this post. After reading this post, you will get a clear understanding between Dragon Naturally Speaking Home and Premium.

Nowadays, technology have made our daily work easier. With the growing technology around AI, communicating with our devices has become the “new normal.” Almost all devices work with speech recognition. Routine tasks such as writing documents, researching resources, and managing social media take up a lot of valuable time. Nuance Dragon Software offers professional speech recognition tools that convert voice to text.

What Is Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Nuance communication is an American multinational corporation. Nuance Dragon software is voice recognition or dictation software based on A.I.  They are pioneers in conversational A.I. Nuance develops software using artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies.

Nuance aims to provide solutions that simplify everyday tasks and make life easier. Dragon software provides 99% accurate voice-to-text data. Nuance’s Dragon suite offers a range of specialized text-to-speech solutions for personal, professional, legal, or medical purposes. These versions help with faster dictation, higher accuracy, and more convenience.

The Four Versions of Nuance Dragon Software 

  • Dragon Home
  • Dragon Premium
  • Dragon Professional
  • Dragon Legal

As Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and Legal come with specific functionality and a certain register, they could only meet the requirements of related businesses.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium

Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium are the ones that we could use as business owners as well as an individual.

What Is Dragon Home?

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home is the most basic Dragon software suite. Dragon is a great speech recognition solution for students, freelancers, and remote workers.

Dragon Home uses deep learning technology to make typing faster and more accurate. The latest version (v15) transcribes words about 3x faster with up to 99% accuracy. You can dictate documents and manage your calendar, social media, and email.

Dragon Home works well in noisy environments and environments with different accents. For student users, you can direct homework, emails, and messages.

Working from home allows you to automate most of your daily tasks. The software is easy to use by anyone, young or old. Dictation your office documents, messages, meetings, and emails faster. You will have more time and freedom to explore new territories instead of going about your daily activities.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium is perfect if you want a robust speech recognition solution that lets you get more work done on your computer in less time by speaking instead of typing. This helps you reach your potential at work, school, or home.

It allows you to dictate documents with up to 99% accuracy and control your computer and applications with simple voice commands to significantly increase productivity and reduce stress and strain on your arms, neck, or back.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, professor, self-employed writer/blogger, consultant, or anyone who spends a lot of time on a computer, Dragon Speech Recognition can help you complete daily tasks or large work projects faster.

Nuance Dragon Home v/s Professional Specifications

The Student Edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking Software is very similar to the Dragon Premium Edition. However, you can use both editions for voice dictation. In other words, both can convert speech to text.

With both Dragon Software’s, you can easily click, move, or mouse-crawl with voice commands. Most importantly, you can use both editions of the Nuance Dragon speech recognition software in your web browser or Microsoft Word and other similar applications.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Edition or Student Edition is a very basic version with limited functionality. Therefore, if you want to use the following features in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you need to purchase the premium version.

  • Speak into your computer to compose a text message using voice commands.
  • Create, edit, and modify documents by talking to the Dragon software.
  • Use the Dragon profile with multiple audio input devices. The Home edition allows you to connect to only one audio input device, while the Premium version allows multiple input devices.
  • Premium is needed to use Bluetooth Wireless Headset. This is because the Home edition allows the use of USB-based microphones.

Differences Between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 and Professional 15

First of all, before you even start, if you are using Dragon Premium 13 then you will need to upgrade right away to the latest version of Nuance Dragon software and that is Dragon Professional 15. This is because Dragon 15 is more accurate and simply out of the box. You also need to make sure that your computer exceeds the requirements for Dragon and also turn up the accuracy settings.

What’s so unique about Dragon Professional 15?                         

Version 15 comes with a speech engine that is vastly improved compared to the ‘Premium version 13 engines. Hence a normal user will right away see 20% lesser errors using Dragon Professional 15 than the Premium v13.

What makes Dragon Professional so unique is that it has a deep algorithm that is built into it which is a type of machine or you can say artificial intelligence.

Now Dragon 15 is known to run much faster on the same computer than Dragon 13 premium. Therefore you can use Dragon 15 on a slower computer compared to Dragon Premium 13 and still have excellent performance on your computer.

And you should also know that for notebook Windows computers Dragon version 15 has a more efficient speech engine and hence uses lesser resources which enables it more speed and accuracy on slower hardware.

Version 15 is specifically designed for Windows 10 and Office 365 and with the frequent updates of Windows 10 it is important that you use Dragon 15 as there are some significant compatibility issues that you can face using Dragon 13 because it was not originally designed for Windows 10.

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Professional 15 is aimed at people who need to use speech recognition for most of their day-to-day tasks to complete their business-related activities or even if they need to improve the accessibility of Microsoft Windows just by using their voice.

If you would like to create an entire Word document or dictate a new webpage for the company website, execute a series of repetitive tasks, enter your data into an online database, reply to dozens of emails, or enter data into Microsoft Excel.

All these activities can just be done much faster using Dragon Professional. And this is only because version 15 has a larger vocabulary that can easily be managed to suit your requirements as well as the corporate needs. Hence you can create voice commands using Dragon Professional.

Now can you imagine having limited mobility due to an injury from an accident? So with Dragon 15, you can easily create a command which helps the mouse move and click on a specific button in the database program that you can use at work.

However, you cannot create this command with Premium 13 for this you would need to use a mouse and this might not be possible for a lot of people. So without having any second thoughts, you should upgrade to the Dragon profession today itself.

If you happen to be a lawyer who often repeats the same series of paragraphs on a particular type of legal case just imagine it. We understand that can be onerous to retype continually or even cut and paste the same repeatedly. Therefore with Dragon 15, you can assign a voice command that will generate the standard response along with a simple phrase.

This feature helps to accelerate productivity and also reduces the workload for the solicitor greatly which helps to get work done faster and smoothly.

Another great feature found in Dragon Professional – having this feature a user can dictate into a voice recorder and then have their assistant or any support staff transcribe the audio into text. Now this feature is very popular as it is specifically designed for solicitors and doctors and is mostly used by them.

Consequently, if the solicitor or doctor would like to use speech recognition but they do not have the time to learn how to manage the software itself then Dragon Professional supports third-party management as well and it is definitely a great productivity tool.

NOTE: You should know that Dragon Premium is designed for those people who use Dragon only for a few hours a day for general usage.

Whereas Dragon Professional 15 is specifically designed for people who are serious about speech recognition and they also intend to complete most of their normal typing only by using their voice but at the same time they also want to integrate command as well as control by their voice accelerating their productivity and reducing their typing workload immensely.

Look at the Differences between Dragon Premium 13 and Dragon Professional 15             

Dragon Premium 13:

  • Well, unlike Dragon Professional 15, Dragon Premium Version 13 licensed only for one user on one computer.
  • The volume and site licensing are also not available for Dragon 13 premium.
  • And with Premium, you cannot custom-powerful Windows voice commands.
  • This version cannot save your audio with dictation this means that you cannot correct it later or hand off dictation to a third party for corrections, but you would find this in Professional. This is very useful especially when you use a digital recorder.
  • Premium is less powerful compared to Professional and not as accurate as it has a smaller vocabulary.
  • You will not find any custom vocabulary options such as medical and legal.

Dragon Professional 15:

  • Now this version is licensed for one user but up to four computers. So you can go ahead and use Dragon Professional on your home computer, work PC and laptop.
  • It is known to give about 20% accuracy compared to Premium 13.
  • You can easily have your audio corrected and transcribed later by a third party. Note: keep in mind that this is a useful function.
  • You just need to hand off your digital recorder to the support staff and then have them process the audio through Dragon and just make the corrections. How awesome is that, right?
  • It has a larger vocabulary along with powerful features and commands unlike Premium 13. Therefore if you are using a sophisticated vocabulary then you would definitely need to upgrade to Dragon Professional.
  • You can also control most PC functions just by using your voice such as ‘new email’ ‘reply to email’ etc.
  • With this version you get to create or import sophisticated and powerful voice commands to automate your routine tasks such as standard responses to your emails or referral letters.


Thus, you need to follow the above steps for Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Vs Premium. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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FAQs Question 

#Q1. Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 work with Windows 10?

Ans – Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 works fine with Windows 10, but currently, it is incompatible with Windows 11.

#Q2. Is Dragon NaturallySpeaking compatible with Windows 10?

Ans- Yes, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is compatible with Windows 10. For undisturbed performance, use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 on Windows 10.

#Q3. Why is my Dragon NaturallySpeaking not working?

Ans- Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s slow performance, such as a power surge, dwindling system resources, or a system crash, could happen due to its “Aggressive anti-virus software setting.” If Dragon NaturallySpeaking is not launching, try to troubleshoot your windows settings. Or you can do it from within the Dragon software’s “Repair Dragon” feature.