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Dragon Professional Individual & Group 16 FAQS

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dragon professional individual 16 faqs

Are you looking out for appropriate information regarding Dragon Professional Individual and Group 16 FAQS Canada? If so, then you have surely made it to the blog you ought to as below you will find all the answers to your queries. Dragon Professional v16 is definitely the right choice and you would not regret your decision.

All About the Price Of Dragon Software 

What is the price of the Dragon Professional v16?

  • You should know the complete version of Dragon Professional Individual 16 is $849.95.
  • And the upgrade version from Dragon v15 to v16 is $424.95.
  • DPI 16, the academic version is $724.95; you can contact us to have it arranged.
  • Unless this changes, from now till the release date, the DPI v16 French is available at $849.95.

NOTE: if there are several users within your organization already using Dragon then you can choose to contact them to discuss the ‘Volume Licensing solution’ for other additional savings.

Why Dragon Professional Individual v16 is way more expensive than v15?

This is because Nuance wants to balance the needs of the valued professional user clients, as well as the development costs to bring innovative solutions to market and new developments in the industry.

Therefore for the clients who are using Dragon v15 and offer upgrade pricing is ½ the price of the stand-alone perpetual license.

Why hasn’t Dragon provided a special price with the release of v16; as there used to be earlier?

Now since v15 has already been in the market for over six, Nuance didn’t think that special pricing was required.

What is the process to buy Dragon Professional v16?

You can choose to call us at +1-888-652-9580 ext. 102 (Canada Only) or via an email from the contact page.

When will we have Dragon Professional/Group v16 available in French language also?

You should have it around April 2023; you can contact us if you would like to be notified regarding the same.

Is there going to be a Dragon Home v16?

No, as this product has now been discontinued. This is because Nuance feels that casual users will utilize Dragon Professional Anywhere, the subscription-based service that is hosted in the USA.

Difference between Dragon Professional Individual/Group and Dragon Professional Anywhere?

Dragon Professional Individual/Group: This is installed on a Windows computer where the processing is performed and the users’ profile is updated and maintain.

Dragon Professional Anywhere: processes the voice of the user on a cloud server in the USA and also the user profile is maintain and update.

NOTE: You should also know that Dragon Professional Anywhere is more limited in functionality and not so useful for those with upper limb limitations.

Operating System and Application Support

What Operating Systems that Support Dragon 16?

  • Windows OS 10 and 11.
  • Dragon 16 cannot be installed on Mac OS, Android, or i-devices such as iPhones, iPods, etc.

What is the major software that Dragon v16 is compatible with?

  • MS Office desktop installation – 365 2021 and 2016.
  • MS Office 365 online – only the basic controls. However, there is no support for voice commands, and also no support for Dragon’s full-text control.
  • Web Browsers – Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

From Dragon 15 and now New to Dragon Professional v16

What is new about Dragon v16?

You should know that Dragon v16 appears to be very similar to v15. While there are a few new commands, most of the upgrades also involve the actual program such as; bug fixes, compatibility with the latest technology, etc.

Dragon v16 is basically design for Windows 11 and also supports Office 2021, and a desktop install with 365.

This includes several update as well as enhancements that surround support for Microsoft Office such as ‘Modern Comments’ while editing documents, support for commands in Microsoft Teams, accessibility updates, etc.

Will Dragon v15 continues to be functional?

Dragon v15 is now no longer available for purchase. However, Nuance is technically supporting Dragon 15 till October 2025 (this is when Microsoft suspends support for Windows 10).

Although it is highly unlikely that Nuance will release any patches or updates to v15 in the future.

Is there a test drive or demo version available for Dragon 16?

No, there is not any as such, however, you can feel free to contact us with queries regarding the same or on how to set up a single-user pilot of Dragon 16.

Will the pre-version of Dragon 16 profiles be upgrade with the installation of v16?

Yes, for sure, technically.

Final Verdict – Dragon Professional Frequently Asked Questions 

In case of any issues with the Dragon Professional Individual  and Group 16 FAQS, then contact the experts of Dragon right away for help. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.