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How to transcribe audio to text by Transcription Software?

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transcription software convert audio to text

Transcription Software Convert Audio To Text

If you are looking for the Transcription Software Convert Audio To Text, then must go through this content instantly. Here, you will find the simple steps for converting the audio to text. So, move ahead and must reach the professional on the transcription helpline number.

Transcription software is used to convert audio recordings such as phone calls into text. Best Transcription Software not only allows you to transcribe audio files but also provides facility to transcribe video files, PDF documents.

Why do I need Transcription Software?

There can be many reasons for using transcription software which are as follows

  • You have a lot of audio files that you want to transcribe.
  • You want our data to be in an orderly manner.
  • You want us to be able to transcribe from multiple sources

5 Best Transcribe Audio to Text Software 

Below we have given top 5 best free transcription software with the help of which you can convert your audio file into text.

Vowel Transcribe Audio to Text Software 

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing apps and has an amazing feature added recently known as a vowel. This special tool will help you in finding people easily via voice; also, it will help in connecting with just anyone all over the world.

There is a simple idea behind this tool called vowel- it has machine learning that matches against a database of more than 2 billion names. Also, you can easily find out directly who has sent you the message or called you instantly.

Features of Vowel 

  • Help people remember the essential things in the meeting
  • Helps in recording the meetings
  • Easily find out the relevant information
  • Will never forget a meeting

Pros and Cons of Vowel 


  • Simple to use
  • Works very well with Zoom


  • The name doesn’t really explain what it actually does

Descript Transcribing Audio to Text 

It is one of the most powerful transcription software that helps in providing accurate transcribing of all the types of media that you need. Along with that, it helps in uploading videos quickly as well as starting to type quickly.

Features of Descript 

  • Provides automatic speech detection
  • Has text-to-speech conversion
  • Has VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
  • Offers real-time transcription

Pros and Cons of Descript 


  • Very affordable
  • Works well with videos


  • There aren’t many cons to using Descript.


It is considered to be the best transcription software because it is simple to use. One can easily convert audio files directly into text documents. Also, it is compatible; le with windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux operating devices.

 Features of oTranscribe 

  • Has video as well as audio synchronization
  • Provides voice activity detection
  • Has speech recognition
  • Offers automatic speech detection

Pros and Cons of oTranscribe


  • Easily Affordable
  • Compatible with multiple platforms


  • oTranscribe isn’t as powerful as some other programs. Transcription Audio to Text

It is considered to be free transcription software that helps in managing the calendar, contacts, tasks, projects as well as notes. Also, it helps in organizing events, phone calls as well as emails.

Features of 

  • Helps in recording as well as transcribing the voice conversations
  • Helps in recordings as well as generating the transcript
  • Look for keywords, themes, topics as well as dates

Pros and Cons of 


  • Easy & free to use


  • Doesn’t support all languages.

Deep Gram Transcribing Software 

It is one of the best AI-powered transcription solutions that help everyone in improving the customer experience as well as increasing sales. Also, it has deep learning technology. It helps in delivering accurate transcription in just no time.

Key Features of Deep Gram 

  • Provides
  • Compatible with multiple languages
  • Has real-time capabilities

Pros and Cons of Deep Gram 


  • Has real-time transcription
  • Simple to use


  • Requires an internet connection.


This post is all about Transcribe Software Convert Audio to Text. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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