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Hardware & Internet Requirements For Dragon Medical One

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hardware and internet requirement for dragon medical one

Dragon Medical One System Requirements 

In this blog, you will learn about the Hardware and internet system requirements for dragon medical one and specifications that apply to PCs and for macOS where ‘Parallels or Boot Camp are deployed, the Windows component has to meet the specifications provided below (NOT Mac).

You should know that Dragon Medical One does not have the stringent requirements of Dragon Medical Practice Edition therefore there are some important Internet requirements that are needed for DMO to function smoothly.

What are the PC Hardware Requirements and Minimum Specifications?

Operating System 

64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, with the latest patches applied. And for Windows 10 or 11 Professional is highly recommended.

Microsoft .NET Framework 

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or even higher) is needed.
  • For a system ready for future upgrades of DMO, you would need .NET Framework 6. If you want to install .NET 4.7.2, you should consider installing 6.

What is Microsoft Edge Web View 2 Run time?

  • You got to open Windows ‘App and Features’ on your computer and you can search by typing ‘apps and features’.
  • Then in the ‘Apps and features’ section, you should use ‘WebView2’ and if WebView2 is installed then you should see it presented at the bottom.
  • However, if it is not seen then you would need to install the WebView2 Evergreen Standalone component through Microsoft.

Random Access Memory(RAM)

8GB (but 4GB is sufficient enough to run a computer’s OS). Additionally RAM (that is over 8GB) is useful if you are using multiple applications.

Internet Connection 

Needs to be 80kbps or higher. This is because DMO uses about 10 KBs upstream only per user (translated to .08 Mbps) and 2-8 down (.064 Mbps) is required.


You would need an Android or Smartphone or a quality microphone like ‘Philips SpeechMike handheld etc headset.

Web Browser 

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge version 104 or later are need.

The Requirements for Internet Access

Now as Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based speech recognition solution; a company will frequently have firewall rules and or content filters that limit internet access.

Therefore to be able to install and properly operate this solution, you must access the internet domains and ports mentioned below:

URL/IP Address 

  • IP:
  • *


  • 80 and 443


  • Software distribution and installation, training videos.
  • Secure channel for speech recognition service.

Dragon Medical One Microphone

Smartphone and Microphone

You can use your Android or iPhone as a microphone with your Dragon Medical One. And You just need to remote into your office computer and access DMO as if you were physically present.

You can also mix and match between Smartphone and Microphone it just depends on your workflow and environment

How does a Handheld vs. Headset?

In case the physical dictates numerous short bursts of dictation through the day without the need for hands-free then in this case a handheld is very helpful.

But if the physical dictates only a couple of times per day or needs to work hands-free (such as when physically handling charts and notes) then a microphone headset is more appropriate.

NOTE: Wired and Wireless solutions are available for your headset or handheld microphones.

Multicomputer Installations

Now the users of DMO can have each of their subscriptions implemented on the same computer without having to compromise one another’s DMO user profile.

NOTE: Never use others’ accounts except your own subscription account of DMO.

The DMO user profile is in the cloud and therefore ‘Learning and Refinement’ are also update in the cloud and is available to your no matter what computer you might be using.

Final Verdict

Thus following the about steps about dragon medical one pc requirements with internet access. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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