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7 Best Free Dictation Software for Windows and Mac

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best dictation software for windows and mac

Best Dictation Software for windows and mac

If you are looking for the best dictation software for windows and mac, then here in this content, you will find the details about best dictation software for mac and also for windows. Just, give it a look & find out the best dictation software for your respective device right now that is suitable for your respective device.

What is Dictation Software?

Dictation software uses speech recognition technologies to convert spoken words into text. Essentially, it’s something that can help Isaac Asimov compose 1000 novels (and not 500 because he did) from the twentieth century.

As a result of high precision and a fantastic rate of speech-to-text conversion, dictation software works great for note-taking, writing lengthy texts, even chatting in messengers.

In 1997, Dragon Naturally Speaking, the first solid version of dictation software, was released. There have been previous attempts to develop such systems, but the majority of them failed or were ineffective. Prior to 1997, one had to dictate very slowly, pausing after each word to allow the software to process it.

Voice-activated technology is booming today. Voice chats, text-to-speech, and advanced voice assistants are all included in a lot of applications. Dictation features have also become more common.

Many of the applications and websites you use on a regular basis have powerful dictation features. Turning words into typed text is simple with Google Docs, Apple text editors, and, of course, Siri.
Tips for using voice recognition software.

Why do you need Dictation Software for windows and mac?

The most noticeable advantage of using dictation over typing is the time savings. Good dictation software for Mac can process about 150 words per minute, according to Mobius, while even the most experienced keyboard ninjas can only type 80 words per minute at most. Are you unimpressed? Here are several more ways that dictation software can assist you:

Make time for the right stuff. For example, a good night’s sleep. Seriously, creating text by dictation saves time and allows you to accomplish more with less effort.

Take notes on your thoughts when you’re out and about. You’ve heard it said that the best ideas come in the shower. If you have your phone with you, you can use Siri to jot down those thoughts without having to get out of the shower.

People with disabilities will benefit greatly from this service. Of course, voice dictation software isn’t just a time-saver; it’s also an excellent usability aid. Dictation apps are extremely useful if you are unable to type with your hands for some purpose.

Avoid the negative consequences of bad ergonomics. Poor ergonomics causes eye and skin issues, as well as strain injuries. Dictation enables you to function while standing or walking, which has a significant positive impact on your physical health and well-being.

The 7 Best Dictation Software’s for windows and Mac (Paid + Free)

Below are the 7  free dictation software.

1. Apple Dictation

Apple Dictation Software

Apple Dictation is a free dictation app for Mac and iOS devices that works with Apple’s Voice Control features. It works in all native text editors, messengers, and pretty much every other software where you can type. 

Apple has developed the best dictionary software for Mac. The best thing about this software is that you don’t have to download the respective software on your device. It has been already downloaded on the respective device. Also, there are over 20 languages available in the Apple Dictionary.

Price: Free
Language Supported: 31
Other Platforms: iOS

Key features of Apple Dictation

  • One can easily share the recordings easily
  • Provides 95% accuracy
  • Compatible with all the applications

2. Dragon by Nuance

Dragon by nuance

It is considered to be one of the best dictation software, especially for writers, students, legal professionals as well as others professionals too. With the help of speech recognition based on AI software, it provides accurate transcriptions.

Key features of Dragon by Nuance

  • Provides complete computer controls
  • Has 256-bit encryption for providing the safety of the document
  • Specialized customized

3. Braina – Most accurate mobile transcriptions

It is considered to be free dictation software for Computer devices. Also, you can use it for transcribing dictation in more than 100 languages.

Also, it helps in performing multiple tasks via voice commands for instance searching files on the computer, playing different songs as well as finding different information on the respective internet.

Price: Free, $79/year, $199/life
Other Platforms: Windows, Android

Key features of Braina

  • Provides voice commands for quick navigation
  • Has AI-powered voice recognition
  • Has the power to understand accents as well as technical jargon

4. Winscribe

If you are looking for the best dictation software for windows 10 then Winscribe will be the best dictation software. It has amazing features that help in organizing the text that you need to dictate. Also, it has a free trial, so users can use it for absolutely free.

Key features of Winscribe

  • Has easy reporting
  • Provides privacy stays intact
  • Available for Android, iPhone, and blackberry devices as well as PCs

5. Speechnotes

It is best for both Mac as well as windows and especially for those who are looking for a dictionary program that works easier online.

Along with that, you can easily go to the Speech notes online application and then have to go to the mic for inserting even long texts. Also, it is great for different languages from Turkish to Spanish.

Price: Free, $9/year
Language Supported: 100+
Other Platforms: Chrome, Android

Key features of Speechnotes

  • Easily export dictated text to Google Drive instantly
  • Instant recognition of Speech
  • Provides custom stamps for text

6. Otter

It is considered to be the perfect choice for all those who are searching for feature-rich free dictation software. Along with that, it consists of AI technology, AVI and so, it is known to be one of the best free voice dictation software.

Price: Free, $12.99, $30
Language Supported: English (US and UK)
Other Platforms: Android, iOS

Key features of Otter

  • Has live transcription
  • Sharing of voiceprint
  • Has zoom sync
  • Provides conversation recording

7. Windows 10 Speech Recognition Dictation Software 

This is an in-built recognition tool if you are looking for the best dictation software for windows 10. You can easily use it for different purposes such as writing documents, providing voice commands to the computer, and many more.

Key features of Windows 10 speech recognition

  • Has windows navigation
  • Provides document creation via voice command
  • Don’t need a mouse as well a keyboard

Concluding the Dictation Software for Mac 

If still, you have some queries with Best Medical Dictation Software for mac then without giving it any other thought, reach the professional for quick help.

For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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FAQS On Best Voice to text Software for windows and mac

#Q1 – Does Mac have built-in Dictation software?

Ans – Yes, Mac has built-in dictation software, just go to the Apple menu and then have to go ahead to system settings. Go to click the software mentioned in the sidebar instantly.

#Q2 – Can I use Dragon Dictation on my Mac?

Ans – You can easily use Dragon dictation which is Dragon Medical One on your respective Mac.

#Q3 – Which is the best voice Dictation software?

Ans – Apple dictation is absolutely free dictation software for Apple devices and similarly, it depends on your needs, and thus, you can choose the best voice Dictation software.

#Q4 – Is Apple Dictation any good?

Ans – Apple Dictation provides the accuracy up to 95%, so you can use it.