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How to Transfer Nuance Dragon to Updated Windows?

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transfer nuance dragon to updated windows

How to Transfer Nuance Dragon to Updated Windows?

If you want to transfer Nuance Dragon to updated windows then must go through this article right away. In this content, you will find the simple steps for instantly transferring Nuance Dragon to the updated windows. So, move ahead and feel free to reach the experts in case of any difficulties with Nuance Dragon.

Steps For Transfer Nuance Dragon Software to New Windows

When you move or update your Nuance Dragon software to a new Windows, all your settings, voice files, and user profiles will be transferred with your Dragon. This includes your Dragon User Profile.

To transfer voice files from the Nuance Dragon profile or to move Dragon to a new windows, you can follow the instructions given below. With this, you can easily transfer Nuance Dragon files to a new computer.

To Transfer Dragon Voice Files to a New Computer, follow the steps as follows

  • You need to, first of all, launch the Dragon Naturally Speaking and then go ahead to profile.
  • Choose the manage user profile mentioned from the Dragon Bar.
  • You need to then select the user profile and then go ahead to export what you will find under advanced.
  • After doing so, you need to go ahead to the USB drive and then need to choose the new folder, and then go to the ok option.
  • Now your exported Dragon profiles are ready to go to another computer. The name of the profile will be written in the same folder in which you exported the profile.
  • You have to then instantly go to the ok option and then need to open the software.
  • Go to profile and then choose manager user profiles mentioned on the Dragon Bar.
  • You have to then choose the import option that is just under advanced by simply tapping on the button.
  • You have to then move ahead to the USB drive and then choose the ok option and then you need to select the profile folder.

Final Thoughts 

Thus, after following the above steps, you can instantly Transfer Nuance Dragon To Updated Windows. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-652-9580. You can also connect with us via dragon naturally speaking support. It is our free tech support service.

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