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Dragon Naturally Speaking in Torrent

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Dragon Naturally Speaking in Torrents

Dragon Naturally Speaking in Torrent

In this Blog Dragon Naturally Speaking in Torrent is the gold standard right now for speech to text or dictation software and has been instrumental in my success as a student with learning disabilities and writing. So I’m really excited to get started.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking

You can see up here at the top of my screen I’ve got the Dragon Naturally Speaking bar launched. So this is a feature of Dragon 13, as well as Dragon 14, the newest version. Since a lot of people are familiar with older versions of Dragon that looked a little different and also were a little harder to use, I’m gonna actually go ahead and take you through the setup process so you can really see.

how easy it is to get a really excellent dictation experience quickly with the new versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent.

So I’m gonna go ahead and create a new profile, and it’s just going ahead and getting that booted up for me. So I’m gonna go ahead and hit New and it’s gonna take me through this setup process.

Let me make sure that my screen share is showing you what you wanna see. I’m gonna go ahead and switch so you can see that. Okay, so this is the tutorial that takes you through the setup process. I’m gonna kind of blitz through it pretty quickly.

How You Sound To Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Torrent

All Right, so now that I’ve named my profile, I need to make sure that I’m training Dragon with the audio device I’m actually gonna be using. So every time you change a microphone, you have to go through a retraining process because of course, every mic’s gonna record sound just a little bit differently, and that can make a big difference in how you to Dragon Sound.

So I’m gonna make sure that it understands that I’m gonna be using my Logitech USB headset. That’s what I’m wearing right now. Good microphones do not need to be expensive.

A few words on microphone selection while it’s going ahead and getting my mic, it’s really important to recognize there are two basic kinds of mics you might use.

One’s a headset mic like what I’m gonna be using today, the other is a Dragon stand mic that’s gonna sit in front of you. If you’re using a headset mic, you’re gonna wanna make sure that that mic is two to three fingers away from the corner of your mouth like I’m wearing right here.

That’s so puffs of air when you’re speaking aren’t hitting the microphone and making garbled noises that could really affect the sound quality. But you’re still getting it nice and loud.

I always tell my students to think of sound like a wedge coming out of their mouth, so all my good sound is still hitting that microphone but the air isn’t. If you’re using a stand mic, you want it to be one to two feet in front of you, depending on how loud you speak.

Again, because it’s a little further away, you’re not as worried about that puff of air and you want it right in the middle so that wedge of sound is coming right at it. In terms of the quality of the microphone, as I said, a lot of money isn’t necessary to get a good mic, although.

I do love the website nuance text to speech Gurus if you’re looking for some recommendations on the very best in dictation quality microphones.

The most important thing to recognize is whether you go with a headset or a stand microphone, you’re gonna want one with a USB connection. That’s gonna give you the best quality of sound.

I do not recommend using built-in microphones for people who are using dictation frequently, although built-ins are getting a lot better and can work in a pinch.

If you’re gonna try and dictate a paper, you’re gonna want a higher quality microphone that’s really gonna give you a better experience. It’s gonna be more accurate. So now that we understand.

How To Select a Microphone – How To Use One Properly For a Good Dictation Software Experience

let’s move on to the next part. This is the part where I actually train Dragon to my voice. So I’m given a prompt, some prompt text. I always tell people.

If you have a student who isn’t reading fluently for whatever reason, maybe this text is a little too hard for them, it’s A-okay to give them a text that’s at the appropriate level for them or even to have them just speak fluently into the microphone.

I’ve had students recite memorized poetry or song lyrics as long as they’re not actually singing. Whatever they can do in a natural speaking voice is what you’re gonna wanna have them do to train Drag-on. So I’m gonna show you just how quick this goes.

I am reading this text out loud clearly and naturally. When I dictate with the commodity, I will continue to use this sound. I’m giving Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent some time to adjust to my voice and audio setting right now.

As I talk, Talking to Dragon is checking the quality of the audio input and adjusting some settings. Good audio input is essential for accurate speech recognition software.

Maintaining a consistent gap between my mouth and the microphone would help me achieve high accuracy. I should also minimize background noise.

Nature Dragon contains more tips, I will read this text from the beginning until the complete prompt appears. This text is being read aloud by me, simply and naturally. When I dictate with the commodity, I will continue to use this sound. I’m giving Dragon some time to adjust to my voice and audio setting right now. As I talk, Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent.

Software is checking the quality of the audio input and adjusting some settings. For accurate speech recognition, good audio input is needed. Maintaining a consistent gap between my mouth and the microphone would help me achieve high accuracy. I should also minimize background noise.

Best Dragon website contains more tips, Okay, so there you have it. That’s how long it took. That actually took a little longer than I thought it would. My hypothesis is that I’m actually running Zoom to record this demo for you, as well as Dragon itself, as well as Microsoft Word, which I’ll be using to demonstrate the tool in a minute.

which is probably a little much to be asking my laptop to do so, the processing demand might have had something to do with that. It should have taken a little more time.

I always say computers are like brains that way. They can get overwhelmed just like we can. Okay, so as you can see, that really didn’t take that long to go ahead and get the prompt read. Now it has everything it needs to know to go ahead and set up my profile.

One thing I skipped through before it gives you that microphone thing, it will also ask you for your language and dialect. Since I’m a native English speaker with a typical American accent, I just went ahead and left it at the default.

But you can change those if your student does have an accent or is gonna be dictating in another language.

I always say if it takes very if you get to the bottom of, if you have to Dragon Reader to the bottom of the prompt when you’re setting up your profile, start thinking there might be something wrong.

And if you have to go all the way through twice, there is definitely something wrong with your microphone and you wanna go back and make sure that Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent is using the correct microphone and that your microphone is set up correctly in relation to you because of the only times.

I’ve never seen it take that long are when there’s a true mechanical issue with a microphone that is not Dragon Sound, which is a far cry from the experiences that some users have had in previous versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent.

I believe it was version eight that was particularly notorious for taking a long time. So it’s just going ahead and prepping my Dragon profile. It should be about ready. Okay, now it’s just asking if I’m willing to send my usage data. I usually tell people not to send their usage data.

That’s really an unnecessary step that really just kind of compromises your privacy. I mean, Nuance appreciates it and if you’re okay with them knowing some stuff about how you’re using Dragon, that’s up to you.

I personally am not comfortable with that, so don’t feel guilty. If you say do not send my usage data and we’ll move right along. I particularly encourage that if your student is a young person.

Okay, I will say Dragon Base has a phenomenal tutorial to walk you through beginning Dragon, so I’m not gonna take you through that because that’s my job today. But I do strongly recommend it if you’re a new Dragon user. So I’m gonna go ahead and finish this and it’s gonna launch the tutorial and I’ll close that real quick okay.

Okay, so you can see I’ve got my little Learning Center here. It can have some kind of nice cheat sheets for some kind of common commands. So this can be nice as a student is learning.

How To Use Dragon Naturally Speaking Alternative Software (Nuance Dragon torrent)

They can kind of check-in here. You can also say, what can I say if they’re not sure what kind of commands might be available, and can help them out there. We’re not gonna need the Learning Center because you’ve got me today.

So I’m gonna go ahead and close that, one less thing for my computer’s brain to juggle here. So here we’ve got the Dragon bar. You can see that the button is red right now.

That means the microphone is off and Dragon is not listening to what I’m saying. So if I wanna dictate with the tool, I’m gonna need to turn my microphone on.

So let’s go ahead and do that and dictate our first sentence. Welcome to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Torrent demo, exclamation point. Go to sleep. Okay, so you saw a couple of different things there.

You can see that it’s pretty smart. It automatically capitalizes the beginnings of sentences, so that’s really handy for students who tend to forget that part. It’s far enough to know that it’s Dragon, so it goes ahead and spells that all correctly even with the naturally speaking run together.

You also saw that I was able to use punctuation simply by speaking it. Easy Dragon excels at being able to punctuate and format with spoken commands. In a moment, I’ll show you a little bit more of that.

I also wanna point out to you that you saw me use a command. When I say go to sleep, you can see that up here in my bar, the mic icon turns blue and you can see that those little bubbles next to it are kind of going up and down.

This means that my microphone is still listening to me, but it’s not gonna record and write down what I say.

So this is a really useful thing if you’re dictating and someone comes into the room, they really need to talk to you, you’re dictating and then you need to stop and think and maybe talk out loud to yourself.

You can put it to sleep and then easily turn the microphone back on with your voice using another command, which I’ll show you in just a minute. So that’s just a really nice way to be able to engage with your microphone. So let’s dictate a little bit more.

Wake up. New line. Dragon has a variety of benefits for writers, colon. New line. Easy to use. Make that bulleted. New line. Intuitive. Italicize that. Never misspells a word. Select easy.

Choose one. Go to sleep. Okay, so you saw me do a couple of different things just then. You saw me use a couple of different punctuation marks. You saw me put in a colon. This will really do any punctuation mark you want. You just say the name of it.

It’s important to say it with a couple of other words for Dragon next to it though, otherwise, it might think that you just want it to write the word. So if you just say colon, for example, it might think that you’re trying to write about the body part.

So go ahead and say it after another word. It’s pretty good at using context to figure out what you mean. You saw me go ahead and put in some bullet points, really handy for making a list or preparing to outline. Make sure to check out my Blog on using Dragon for the entire Dragon Writing process for more about that.

You saw that I was able to italicize. I could have said bold or underline instead. And you also saw me go into the correction menu. Now it didn’t miss here easy.

If it had misheard a word, I can say the same thing, only I would say correctly instead of select. I would say correct and then the word, and then that same menu would pop out and I would either select from that list, the one that I want, or I would go in and say spell that, and I could either speak or type the word to correct.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent is only as good as the information you give it and it doesn’t know it’s made a mistake unless you tell it. That’s a really important part of using Dragon, is not to let mistakes just slide. I always tell kids they have to train their Dragon.

Otherwise, it gradually starts misunderstanding you more and more because it assumes that it’s hearing you correctly. So as you can see, Dragon is pretty easy to use right out of the box.

There’s a lot of more advanced ways to use Dragon for navigation, for editing work, but these are really the basics you need to know in order to start dictating with Profile.

Stay tuned for another blog where I walk you through using Dragon to help you through the entire writing process from Pre-writing to outlining, to drafting, to revising, just the way I use it myself as a student. And of course, Nuance also offers a lot of really great resources for Dragon Naturally Speaking Torrent.

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