Naturally Speaking unable to Detect Headset

Naturally Speaking unable to Detect Headset

In this blog you will learn about Dragon Naturally Speaking Headset unable to detect headset. We know Dragon Naturally Speaking program required a microphone to dictate. And choosing a right headset with microphone is important as well.

Not all headset with microphone are supported by Dragon Naturally speaking program, and also sometime even when we have right Best headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn’t detect the headset plug it. So, we discuss how to fix this problem and get the Dragon working on our system.

For selecting the right headset which is compatible for you Dragon Naturally Speaking program is check the headset list which is certified by Nuance on Nuance website that is

Type of headset that you can use to fix Dragon Naturally Speaking unable to detect headset

  • USB Type
  • 5 jack
  • Wireless Headset (Bluetooth)

USB headsets are regard as best for Dragon Naturally Speaking program because of its easy installation. Just plug n play works with USB headset so many users find USB headset as easy with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

3.5 jack headsets are old now and sometimes we need proper Audio Driver to setup the headset on new generation computer with new operating system.

Wireless headsets are also good connectivity mode for Dragon and very easy to setup to our computer with Bluetooth, just need to turn on the Bluetooth on both device computer and the headset.

Common issue found while setting up Headset

Most common issue we come across while setting up headset with your Dragon program  

1. Unable to detect the headset.

2. Headset detect by computer but not showing on Dragon Naturally Speaking device list.

How to resolve it

Find out if your Headset USB is properly plugin on the computer USB port.

Check if your Bluetooth is turn on or off on both headset and computer.

See if your microphone 3.5 jack is properly plugin on the right Audio port.

Also check your headset whether it’s compatible for Dragon Naturally Speaking program

Check if your headset driver is installed properly on your computer if driver required for it.

Sometimes the computer don’t detect the headset even after driver is installed in this case we need a restart of the computer after the driver is installed.

These are some troubleshooting steps that you can use to fix this issue. Or you can call our number +1-888-652-9580. , We are Dragon Support Expert.

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