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Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Vs. Other dictation tool. Which one should you use?

In this blog, we are going to cover what are the other free dictation software are available. Which a user may consider using instead of using Dragon Naturally Speaking Software.

Other tools that may allow you to dictate: –

  • Windows speech recognition.
  • Google Voice in Google docs.
  • Microsoft dictate.
  • Apple Siri.

Windows speech recognition –

This is inbuilt program in Microsoft windows 7 or above. A user can go to settings and turn on windows speech recognition and use it. It is one of the best tools and accuracy is good but if you compare with Dragon Naturally Speaking then you will find it not as good. Accuracy and word are limited in windows speech recognition. This software needs a lot of work.

Google Voice in Google docs:-

What is google doc?

Google has online spreadsheet and google doc. If you are a google account holder, you can use this online software free of charge. You can follow the image and enable the google doc voice typing. If you compare google doc with Naturally Speaking, you will find google doc still needs improvement. It can not do a lot of work.

With Dragon Naturally Speaking Home, you can write an email which google docs does not allow you on third party email so these difference makes Drgaon Naturally Speaking better than others. You can write an email using voice command on gmail but not on other email clients. There are other things that you will not be able to do using Google Docs.

Microsoft dictate.

Microsoft isn’t close to Dragon Naturally Speaking software. We have tested all this software to write 500 words and found Dragon Naturally Speaking stands out of all. If you a writer or a person who writes a lot and okay with spending money. I would suggest you purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking and use it then you will see a difference. If you have any questions regarding this software and needs an expert help, you can call our dragon support number. Our dragon Naturally Speaking serial number is +1-888-652-9580 so call us and enjoy best service.

Note: We provide third party premium tech. we do not have any relation with actual brand. If you are looking for Nuance Support then you should call Nuance Customer service.