Dragon Naturally Speaking 15.3 update (windows)

What is Dragon Naturally Speaking 15.3 update for and why do I need it?

So we are going to talk about Dragon Naturally Speaking 15.3 update in this blog. If you are reading this blog that mean you are using Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software 15 and you may have heard from nuance or someone to update your software to 15.3 version. This is a free software update will fix some of its bugs mention below.

  • Curser reliability issue.
  • Issues with Microsoft word and Microsoft outlook.
  • Issues with FTC (Full Text control)

How can I install Dragon Naturally Speaking update?

Here is what our technician team suggest you do.

First of all Close Dragon Naturally Speaking 15. Close all your running program. You should save your data if you are working on any document or file and close it so you will not lose anything. Shut down your computer completely (A clean is required). If you are using a laptop then remove the battery and power code. Press the power button for 15 to 30 second. Now you should put your laptop battery in and power code in and turn on your laptop.

If you are using a desktop then remove the power source. Likewise press the power button for 15 to 30 seconds as we did for laptop. Plugin power source and turn on your computer.

First of all you will need to go to the email which was sent by Nuance for you to update your dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3. click on the link and download your software and install it.

If you need assistance for installing the update, you can call our nuance dragon support number +1-888-652-9580. We are premium support provider and will be able to help you with any kind of issues with Dragon Naturally Speaking update installation.  We are 24×7 available and our technician are ready to help.

If you can install your update after reading our blog. We request you to please share with your friends and family who uses this software so more people will get help. if you need us to improve anything hence please write in the comment box.