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Resolve Errors 1935 in Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking Errors

Learn How to fix error 1935 in Dragon naturally speaking

When you are installing Nuance (or ScanSoft) software, if you get error 1935 then you should read and find solution for this error in this article. This happens because either the copy of software is not being installed properly or software installer file is corrupted. Please follow steps below to find reasons and solutions below.

Check for security software.
  • Check if there is any software related to security system installed on your computer. Some time we keep using expired antivirus or security system and it cause a lot of problem with other software too.
  • Remove all security system that is installed on your computer. (you need to go to add or remove program and select the program and click on uninstall)
Check for windows firewall
  • Windows firewall program is one of the inbuilt security systems that all windows has. Sometime if there are any issues with your firewall system, it may stop your installation and give you error 1935 on your nuance product. You need to go to computer registry and work on to allow the installation while your firewall is on. (registry is inside the computer that allows you to enable or disable program)
Check for windows update
  • check if your windows update is running and not giving any kind of problem. If your windows update is failed to update your windows file and software that mean, you will be facing problem with your nuance software installation or dragon naturally speaking software installation.
Windows installer service
  • check if windows installer service has any issues or giving you any error when you try to open it. Windows installer service helps any program to install in your computer. If you are not sure how to check and fix it, you should call dragon naturally speaking support and get this issue resolved
Check for any program running in the background
  • Please open task manager and see if there is any unnecessary program running in the back ground. Sometime these programs can keep your windows installer service busy and not let you install the software.

If you are not able to fix this problem, Please contact our Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Team.