Fix the Internal Message Dragon Error on Mac

We all know how Dragon Naturally Speaking Software has reduced Dragon Error on Mac and our effort and has made the documentation easier to handle and create documents, presentations, projects, etc. This software has provided accuracy in accomplishing the entire task that is given. The users have extremely benefited from the features of the subscription of their Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Well but there are times when technical errors do come up and their need to be fixed right away before the situation becomes a mess. And if you are one of those users who are facing issues on your Mac due to the dragon internal message error.

In this blog, you will learn how to fix up the issues with a few easy steps that are mentioned below.

  • The first thing you should do when you come across any issues with your Dragon while you are using it on your Mac Device is that reporting the problem to the professionals who are dealing with all such cases on daily basis officially.
  • Then you just need to wait until you don’t receive a response from them. They may get in touch with you through an email or contact and then guide you on how to resolve the issues.
  • The next thing you can do is attempt to do it yourself manually which you can begin by using the manual options that are available with a copy of your Dragon. And in this way, you will be able to fix up the issue.
  • If you do not succeed even after the steps above then you must contact the Dragon Team of experts who will give you top-notch guidance related to all the queries you have.

Your issues should be resolve by now and you should be able to work again smoothly. But if it is not so and your work is lacking out in excellence then you are recommend to call up the support team on the toll-free number at +1-888-652-9580 and tell every detail of the situation to our executive Dragon Customer Service this instant and have the problem fixed up immediately so that you no longer have to be troubled and retained from working.

Dragon Medical User Profile Errors

Are you facing an error when you are trying to open a user profile in Dragon Medical ? Is it so, that you are unable to access the ‘User Files’ that you have selected? Well then be at ease as here in this blog you will learn how to fix the issue right away all by yourself only by following the most-easiest steps provided below.

There could be some other reasons for the issue but one of the main reasons that you should know is this error could happen if the Windows Explorer profile folder is left open when ‘Dragon Naturally Speaking’ is on the process to load the ‘user profile’. The cause for the issue could be if you made some changes to certain folder permissions.

The first thing that you should do is that if the Windows Explorer is open then close it and now try to open the user profile. If the issue still persists then follow the instructions as guided below.

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Nuance Dragon SDAPI Error When you open user in dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support

Nuance dragon SDAPI Error is a well know issues that happens to dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. If you are reading this blog that mean you have experienced this error and you want to fix this error. So, you are at right blog, we will give you steps which will allow you to fix this error. Please save your work/data/important file before you perform these steps.

As soon as you open your Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and try to select user profile. It may not open or open with error message. Error message appear in the screen as SDAPI Error.


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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update (windows)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update

What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update for and why do I need it?

So we are going to talk about Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update in this blog. If you are reading this blog that mean you are using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software 15 and you may have heard from nuance or someone to update your software to 15.3 version. This is a free software update will fix some of its bugs mention below.

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How to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software support effectively?

If you are reading this blog, then you must be a user, or you are planning to buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking and you want to know how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software effectively and how to get dragon NaturallySpeaking software support?

Here is few information which will help you understand your software and help you use it in a better way.

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Dragon Home v15

Dragon Home v15 is a speech recognition solution which helps you get more done on your PC by voice. Dictate documents, send an email, search the Web, and more. Designed with Nuance Deep Learning™ technology, it delivers up to 99% speech recognition accuracy, adapts to different accents, and even works in noisy environments. Simply speak and your words appear on the screen faster than typing. Work hands-free and speak commands to open applications– all by voice. There’s no better way to get more done on your PC, at home or in school. Therefor, using dragon naturally speaking isn’t a bad idea.

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Dragon 15 home vs. Professional specification?

With this article, the difference between Dragon 15 Home VS Professional is done. Both are speech recognition solutions But One is for home and the other is for professional individuals. In other words commands are different for the home versions and for the professional versions, so the software helps the documentation and dictation of commands through voice. However Functions are done with the help of voice and no need for typing or touchscreen to invest your time into.

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Dragon medical practice

Dragon medical practice

Dragon medical practice is a speech recognition solution that provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and device. It is mainly designed for Clinicians who dictate in their own words anywhere in the EHR. Helps them to document the patient story most efficiently, reducing cost and providing one solution to all the needs of clinicians in functioning of their medical procedures. The dragon medical practice makes it easy for the medical professionals to work with no stress of sitting down and entering date, they just do it by speaking only.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software Vs. Other dictation tool. Which one should you use?

In this blog, we are going to cover what are the other free dictation software are available. Which a user may consider using instead of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

Other tools that may allow you to dictate: –

  • Windows speech recognition.
  • Google Voice in Google docs.
  • Microsoft dictate.
  • Apple Siri.


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How to Install nuance Dragon Speech Recognition?

Installation of Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition?

  • Installation
    and User Profile Creation

Today we are going to share with you how to Install nuance dragon speech recognition & then we know how to train Dragon to understand your voice properly. The installation process tries to checks how to make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements needed for Dragon. These systems are needed to requirements are listed in the information that came with your copy of Dragon.  If your system doesn’t meet of these requirements, Dragon will not be installed. 

Plugging in the Microphone:

Whenever your trying to use Dragon, you need to plug-in your
microphone for it. If you’re not sure how long you plug in your microphone if you’re
not sure how to plug in your microphone.

Point to be noted: If you using of speaker for your computer
you also need to use of playback recorded some speech instead of headphones for

System Requirements:

You need to minimum requirement of they’re not met, Dragon
Naturally speaking will not be installed.

Note:  Microsoft office 2010 & 2013
doesn’t more supportive dictation which is directly into Electronic Medical
Record (EMR). For the EMR Support you need to use Dragon Medical Edition for

You need to Requirement of:

Ram: Minimum Ram of 2 GB for 32-bit Windows 7,
8 and 8.1. For 4 GB Ram need for 64-bit Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 & Windows
Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012.

CPU: Minimum: 2.2
GHz Intel® dual core or any of equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors
yield faster performance.

Free hard disk space:

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit; Windows 8 & 8.1, 32-bit and
64-bit; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2012.

–  Internet Explorer up to 9 or the updated
version of Chrome or Firefox for any Online Help.

–  A sound card supporting for 16-bit recording.

–  A DVD-ROM (Read only memory) drive for

–  A Nuance-approved microphone. See for more information.

–  Available of Internet connection for automatic upgrade
of product activation (a quick anonymous process).

Things you
have to know before installing Dragon before some custom location:

Usually Dragon nuance installation are done in


During the installation procedure
of Nuance voice recognition, you can choose in which directory you need to install
to drive on your machine.

Where you install the Dragon
program files, Dragon always installs in the different languages (86 Languages)
& vocabularies which you select at the time of installation in the drive to

Installing voice Recognition of Dragon nuance by creating the location of the user profiles will be created. These profiles consume a large amount of disk space on Drive C:\.

You can Customize to choose the
Disk space used on C:\, try to not to install some unwanted languages &

Upgrading of Window 8, 9, 10 always:

You always need to use of
upgraded window for the Installation of Dragon Nuance Recognition, you need to
use of upgraded version of nuance coz it having for information or easier than
the last version.

By Coexistence with other Dragon products:

Coexistence with some previous versions of Dragon- You just need of having one version of Dragon nuance speech recognition to install in your system.


Running a previous version of Dragon concurrently with Version 13(Thirteen) isn’t supported. Coexistence with the Dragon SDK (Software Development kit) Client Edition You can install Dragon SDK Client Edition 13(Thirteen) on the same system where Dragon 13(Thirteen) is installed. In addition to having Dragon 13 & Dragon SDK Client Edition, 13 can share the information of user profiles & vocabularies.

You just can run only one product at one time. Like, if your running Dragon, you can’t run any of the SDK Client tools or samples.


How to install of Dragon or to install it for multiple user profiles:     

  1. Insert the Dragon Speech Recognition DVD into your DVD drive

  • If the installation doesn’t start automatically then try to use of Windows Explorer to find & double-click setup.exe on the DVD.

2. The Window Installers begins, it installs:

  • Visual C++ Versions 9.0 Run-time

3. After the Wizard begins, click (Next) for the proceeding of the License Agreement page. Read the text & select I accept the terms & then press click Next.

4. Then enter your User Name & Organization, the Serial Number supplied to your installation.

5. If the Setup Type page appears, click the Change button & choose where to install the product.

If no any earlier versions of
Dragon speech recognition are installed on your system, the default directory

C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking13

6. While you’re still on the Setup Type page, select Custom for the type of any installation. If you’re trying to decide to do any installation for any of the Dragon Speech Recognition, the components by selecting of any Custom installation for it you must have to install for it later by running of any other Setup programs again & choosing Modify.

7. Click Next & you see a tree where you can select any particular feature of the product and click the down arrow to its left to choose where/when to install it:

  • Install now, on local hard drive 

  • Install now, with all sub features on local hard drive 

  • Install it whenever you’re in needed on a just in time basis 

These options are useful for installing of multiple languages and using multiple vocabularies.

8. And after it clicks Next again & if you don’t have the Professional edition of it the try to skip to the next step. Try to choose any checkboxes & under the Additional options to have additional dialog boxes pops-up at the end of the installation, wherever you can make changes that affect all of the users by dictating on this computer. 

9. Then Click Next

10. Click Install to start the installation.

11. When the installation completes, try to proceed with any of the following sections that may apply to your custom installation:

  • Try to Modifying application for settings of all users

  • Modifying administrative settings

  • Modifying formatting options for all users

12. Whenever you need to register under this product, try to select the registration options of it.

13. Then Click Ok for registering of the product & click it to again for the proceed.

14. Then Check Yes, try to check for the program updates after the setup tries to complete for the download of any updates of it after the setup completes & click to Finish after complete the installation.

15. If you chose to upgrade to your user profiles earlier, when the message for about to upgrading of your user profiles pops up, then click OK. (After that msg your system needs to restart, it’ll complete until your system is restarted.)

16. For completing the process reboot in order to complete the installation, reboot your computer now.      

17. Select Start > All Programs > Dragon NaturallySpeaking > Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The New Dragon-Bar appears on your desktop.

18. If you have any user profiles that you like to upgrade before proceeding, try to refer for the Upgrading of User Profiles. Otherwise, if you have no upgradable existing profiles, the Profile Creation of wizard starts are immediately & you can try to create a profile as explained in the Creating of your User Profile.

Thanks for visiting here, hope you like it. If anyone of you having any queries about nuance dragon speech recognition don’t forget to comment it down our support team always tries to respond others.