Dragon Naturally Speaking Review in USA

Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

Dragon Naturally Speaking Review If you are willing to Dragon Naturally Speaking review then read this blog. Here, we will discuss an in-depth explanation of this software. It is a voice recognition software marketed by a company called Nuance. A lot of people used this software to control their computers.  I usually include some testing … Read more

Speech Recognition Software | Dragon Software – Step By Step Guide

Speech Recognition Software

What is Speech Recognition Software? Speech Recognition Software Definition:- In Typing it’s something that most of us have to do at work and although vital it can also be boring and stressful especially when we have deadlines to meet speech recognition software eliminates the need for typing and allows. You to create notes emails and … Read more

Should You Use Dragon Speech Recognition Software to Write Your Online Articles

Dragon Speech Recognition Software

My Past Before Using Dragon Naturally Speaking Software This article is about how I started using dragon naturally speaking and why. I have seen a lot of people using old fashioned way. They write online article by typing them in Microsoft word. They paste it to their online application. This process always takes countless hours. … Read more