A Guide to My Nuance Dragon Story

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This blog is a guide where you will know how I got to know about Nuance Dragon. So this is a story about how I was introduced to the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software program.

In 2011 a friend told me about the software and then I began my research on Dragon Naturally Speaking software. The questions that arise are;Should I really, invest money in the software?

Will I be able to set the software as well as install it?

Does this program have a customer service helpline?

And after all these questions I finally took the steps forward and in 2015 I purchased Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Where to buy Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software program?

Now at first I, myself didn’t know where to buy it. But after searching from the internet and reviews of many users, it is best to buy the software from the Nuance Website itself. This is because if you buy Nuance from the respective website then you will get the customer support for your Nuance. But if you buy it from a third-party website then you will only get the technical support, and Nuance will not be able to keep track of your order. Then if you happen to lose your computer or device on which you are using the dragon software, along with that you will also lose your License for the same and will have to purchase the software again.

Install the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software

Firstly, you would have to insert the disk in the disc drive (only if you purchased a CD).

Then you will get prompts on the displayed screen to install the software.

Now you only got to follow the instruction provided by the software and you will have the program installed successfully.

If you need help regarding the installation then you can call the Dragon Support team in the toll-free number provided.

But if you have purchased the software online then you will get a link to download the software.

You’ve only got to download it and then run the software.

Now since I know and use Dragon software I must say that I enjoy using it and I am very thankful to those who have developed the software and understood how this software would help people in making their lives a better experience.

Note: To use Dragon Naturally Speaking accurately, you would have to make sure that headsets used are compatible as per the Nuance recommendations. But if you do not have to recommended headset, then please try using USB headset. Not doing so, will cause a lot of problems while dictating to Dragon. You need to know that the software program learns as much as you use it.

This is because Dragon gets addicted to your voice and then captures words even if you may not pronounce them correctly.


Now we hope that the above-mentioned information and guide is of great help to you.

But if you face any problems or need more information regarding the same then feel free to contact Dragon Customer Support Number +1-888-652-9580. And the techs will guide you with what should be done next.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 UI not appear on screen on windows 10

In this blog, you will learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 UI display issue. Some people face problem using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13  on windows 10. When try to launch the program it doesn’t come up on screen.And when we check on Task Manager  the services of Dragon Naturally Speaking is running there. So on the screen there is no Dragon Naturally Speaking 13. This is what we are going to learn to fix in this blog.


Things you can try to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 UI issue

1 – Make sure the Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 version is up-to-date. Please update your windows 10 as well.

2 – Turn off Compatibility Mode. With the latest version of windows 10 Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 does not need Compatibility Mode on.

To turn off Compatibility Mode locate the Dragon Naturally Speaking shortcut and right click on it.

Select Properties from the menu and navigate to compatibility tab and look for Run in compatibility mode. We must unchecked it.

If the above troubleshoot steps doesn’t help then we can try some other steps to resolve this issue.

3 – Let’s not run natspeak.exe as Administrator.

Locate natspeak.exe on the computer it should be on the directory. This directory is where your Dragon Naturally Speaking is installed. Once we got natspeak.exe right click on it and select properties. Click on Compatibility Tab and uncheck Run as Administrator. Then click on apply and ok on the bottom.

Restart the computer and try running Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 again.

If the above steps do not help, then you can try one more step to fix it.

4 – Sometime we face issue using headphone with 3.5 jack along with microphone jack on Dragon Naturally Speaking on Windows 10. So you can give a try with the USB headphones with microphone which is certified by Nuance to use on Dragon Naturally Speaking .


Above troubleshooting steps is to fix Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 UI issue with Windows 10. If you are not able to fix after performing above steps then call dragon support number.

Transcribing Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking

In this Blog you will learn about Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking has inbuilt feature to transcribe audio file .  It is very helpful for people who work on big office firms. Also Very helpful if you record a speech and want to get the speech as a text again.

How to use Transcription in Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Click on the dragon icon from the menu.
  • Then select the option Switch to Transcription Mode

Now you will the see the status change to Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking:

Transcription feature also need a profile to work. If you already create a profile for Transcription than it’s fine. If not then you will need to create a profile to use it.

Now choose the Transcription source from the list that bring up on the screen. If not then click on Manage profiles and Audio source to add new transcription file.

To add new audio file for transcription just you need to drag the file onto the Drop file icon there. Also you can click on browse file to add file from folder where your files are save.

Dragon Naturally Speaking can transcribe audio which is in mp3,mp4,wav,aif,aiff,m4v, and m4a format.

Once you select the file your Dragon will start the transcribe process , It may take a while to complete the process it depend on the file size .

Once the transcription process is complete , the file will be save on your computer .

By default the transcribe files are save in Document/Dragon/Transcribed files, Also you can  select a different folder to save  the file on your computer.

The transcription files are save in format of Rich Text or Microsoft word. It can open by any application which support these file format.

It’s a very useful feature for many professional on their office work and also very useful for student as well.

I f you are facing any problem so you can call us our toll-free number +1-888-652-9580. And you can Visit our website Dragon support Experts.

Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence

Dragon not Capitalizing
Dragon not Capitalizing

In this Blog we will learn about Nuance  Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence. For more information Read this Blog.

Dragon software won’t capitalize the first place word of a sentence

we are using Dragon software also known as Naturally Speaking software . when you start typing the first letter will not get capitalize by itself or any space is inserted before the first word in a paragraph must be due to the punctuation which is in use.

Mac Speech Dictate and Dragon Dictate for Mac capitalizes the first letter in the word that follows

  • Question mark
  • Exclamation point
  • A Period.  

If you are still facing any problem you can reach Dragon Support by calling us on our dragon support number and speak to an Expert for any assistance.

Suppose if you start a new sentence or paragraph without ending the previous sentence with the proper punctuation, then the new sentence will not start out as capitalized. For instance, if you do not end a sentence with punctuation or do not dictate the command for “New Paragraph”, Dictate still understand the new sentence as a continuation of the previous sentences.

Mac Speech Dictate or Dragon Dictate needs these punctuation in order to recognize the separation of sentences

  • A Period
  • Question mark
  • The Exclamation point

Dragon not Capitalizing the first word or other Still not working? Don’t trouble yourself call us on the toll-free number of dragon software support and let the expert assist you +1-888-652-9580