Transcribing Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking

Transcribing Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking

In this blog, you will learn about the Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking has an inbuilt feature to transcribe an audio file.  It is very helpful for people who work in big office firms. Also Very helpful if you record a speech and want to get the speech as a text again.

How to use Transcription in Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Click on the dragon icon from the menu.
  • Then select the option Switch to Transcription Mode.

Now you will see the status change to the Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking

The transcription features also need a profile to work. If you already create a profile for Transcription then it’s fine. If not then you will need to create a profile to use it. Now choose the Transcription source from the list that bring up on the screen. If not then click on Manage profiles and Audio source to add a new transcription file.

To add a new audio file for transcription just you need to drag the file onto the Drop file icon there. Also, you can click on browse files to add files from the folder where your files are saved. Dragon Naturally Speaking can transcribe audio which is in mp3,mp4,wav,aif,aiff,m4v, and m4a format.

Once you select the file your Dragon will start the transcribing process, It may take a while to complete the process it depends on the file size. Once the transcription process is complete, the file will be saved on your computer. By default the transcribe files are save in Document/Dragon/Transcribed files, Also you can select a different folder to save the file on your computer.

The transcription files are save in the format of Rich Text or Microsoft word. It can open by any application which support these file format. It’s a very useful feature for many professionals in their office work and also very useful for dragon naturally speaking students as well.

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