Dragon Medical User Profile Errors

Dragon Medical User Profile Errors

Are you facing an error when you are trying to open a user profile in Dragon Medical? Is it so, that you are unable to access the ‘User Files’ that you have selected? Well then be at ease as here in this blog you will learn how to fix the issue right away all by yourself only by following the most-easiest steps provided below.

There could be some other reasons for the issue but one of the main reasons that you should know is this error could happen if the Windows Explorer profile folder is left open when ‘Dragon NaturallySpeaking’ is in the process to load the ‘user profile’. The cause for the issue could be if you made some changes to certain folder permissions.

The first thing that you should do is that if the Windows Explorer is open then close it. Now try to open the user profile. If the issue still persists then follow the instructions as guided below.

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