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Should You Use Dragon Speech Recognition Software to Write Your Online Articles

I have seen a lot of people using oldfashioned way to write online article by typing them in Microsoft word and thenpaste it to their online application. This process always takes countless hoursbut there is software that can speed things up. I have been using this appsince 2009. I am using this software with my windows 7 and it has been doing atremendous job in terms of dictating. All I do, turn on my computer, open mysoftware and start talking and it write things that I talk on headphone mic.The software is not only for you to write things on the application or web. Italways allows you to transcribe things from those writing. This mean someone isreading to you what you wrote, and the software read it to you slowly. It alsoallows you to correct your mistake without touching anything. There is manyother software like dragon naturally speaking but and I have used few of them.Dragon naturally speaking has always performed better than any other software.Before you purchase any dictation software, you should research about themunderstand your requirement and make sure to buy compatible software to yourdevice. One of the important parts is, you should know if technical support isavailable with the software or not. There is much software where developer doesnot provide free technician service and it becomes hard for user to get supportfrom anywhere else. Good things about nuance they have free technician servicelimited to their software. That mean if there is any problem you have with yourdevice they will not work on it or they will advise you to go to devicemanufacturer. So, if you are a writer or someone who writes a lot of articlesor contents. This is the software which can save you’re a lot of time. In sameamount of time, you can write double or triple number of articles that you arewriting. The software must be developed more and give better result as far as Iknow and understand. Sometimes your dragon naturally speaking does not workproperly or give 100% accuracy but if you keep using it, it may give you betterresult.

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