Troubleshoot Invalid Acoustic Error | Nuance Invalid Acoustic Error

Troubleshoot Invalid Acoustic Error

Are you having a difficult time working on your Nuance Dragon smoothly with Invalid Acoustic Error? Have you been facing issues in upgrading Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software? Is it so that you are getting an invalid acoustic error that is not allowing you to upgrade the software version from 14?.

Then you must know that you have reached the perfect site as here you will find all the solutions to the issues in one stop. An issue like Troubleshoot Invalid Acoustic Error could be due to the older version of Nuance Dragon 14. That had the dictation source such as Dragon Remote Microphone. And this dictation source does not support the Nuance Dragon 15.

So in this blog, you will be provided with a reliable troubleshooting method to resolve the error. That you are facing in upgrading the software.

Follow the steps given below according

  • You would have to first go to the spot where the upgraded profile is and then give a right-click on the folder.
  • You now got to give a click on it to open the tab and then check acoustic.ini.file now you have to check the file if it has any acoustic codes that you can use.
  • Then you need to check on the options.ini file in that same folder that you are currently working on. Here you will have to go and open the folder and have a check for the ‘Last Used Acoustics’ keyword.

You have to make sure that it is set to any of the values found in the acoustic.ini file

You just got to edit and after it, you will click to save, and then you can go to launch Nuance Dragon. Now that you have finished following the above steps the issues should be resolved. But if not so and you find the problem still persists then you need not worry.

You know whom exactly you should contact the one and only Dragon Technical Support and have all the issues resolved immediately.

The techs here are highly qualified and train to fix any such related issues within the least time possible. And providing the customer’s complete satisfaction. So why delay and let the issues become worse. Just dial us this instant and be free from your worries from Nuance Dragon Error.