Nuance Dragon SDAPI Error When you open user in dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Nuance Dragon SDAPI Error
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support

Nuance dragon SDAPI Error is a well know issues that happens to dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. If you are reading this blog that mean you have experienced this error and you want to fix this error. So, you are at right blog, we will give you steps which will allow you to fix this error. Please save your work/data/important file before you perform these steps.

As soon as you open your Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and try to select user profile. It may not open or open with error message. Error message appear in the screen as SDAPI Error.


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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update (windows)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update

What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update for and why do I need it?

So we are going to talk about Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.3 update in this blog. If you are reading this blog that mean you are using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software 15 and you may have heard from nuance or someone to update your software to 15.3 version. This is a free software update will fix some of its bugs mention below.

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How to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software support effectively?

If you are reading this blog, then you must be a user, or you are planning to buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking and you want to know how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software effectively and how to get dragon NaturallySpeaking software support?

Here is few information which will help you understand your software and help you use it in a better way.

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Dragon Home v15

Dragon Home v15 is a speech recognition solution which helps you get more done on your PC by voice. Dictate documents, send an email, search the Web, and more. Designed with Nuance Deep Learning™ technology, it delivers up to 99% speech recognition accuracy, adapts to different accents, and even works in noisy environments. Simply speak and your words appear on the screen faster than typing. Work hands-free and speak commands to open applications– all by voice. There’s no better way to get more done on your PC, at home or in school. Therefor, using dragon naturally speaking isn’t a bad idea.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software Vs. Other dictation tool. Which one should you use?

In this blog, we are going to cover what are the other free dictation software are available. Which a user may consider using instead of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

Other tools that may allow you to dictate: –

  • Windows speech recognition.
  • Google Voice in Google docs.
  • Microsoft dictate.
  • Apple Siri.


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Error 1935 – Installing dragon naturally speaking

Learn How to fix error 1935 in Dragon naturally speaking

When you are installing Nuance (or ScanSoft) software, if you get error 1935 then you should read and find solution for this error in this article. This happens because either the copy of software is not being installed properly or software installer file is corrupted. Please follow steps below to find reasons and solutions below.

Check for security software.
  • Check if there is any software related to security system installed on your computer. Some time we keep using expired antivirus or security system and it cause a lot of problem with other software too.
  • Remove all security system that is installed on your computer. (you need to go to add or remove program and select the program and click on uninstall)
Check for windows firewall
  • Windows firewall program is one of the inbuilt security systems that all windows has. Sometime if there are any issues with your firewall system, it may stop your installation and give you error 1935 on your nuance product. You need to go to computer registry and work on to allow the installation while your firewall is on. (registry is inside the computer that allows you to enable or disable program)
Check for windows update
  • check if your windows update is running and not giving any kind of problem. If your windows update is failed to update your windows file and software that mean, you will be facing problem with your nuance software installation or dragon naturally speaking software installation.
Windows installer service
  • check if windows installer service has any issues or giving you any error when you try to open it. Windows installer service helps any program to install in your computer. If you are not sure how to check and fix it, you should call dragon naturally speaking support and get this issue resolved
Check for any program running in the background
  • Please open task manager and see if there is any unnecessary program running in the back ground. Sometime these programs can keep your windows installer service busy and not let you install the software.

If you are not able to fix this problem, Please contact our Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Team.


How to transcribe using dragon naturally speaking

Transcribing using dragon naturally speaking

Just to let you know, dragon naturally speaking software is not transcribing software, but it is a dictating software’s, but Nuance has added a feature in it transcribe for you. If it does not give you the best result don’t blame it for it because as I said before it is dictation software and does a better job in dictation field.

Follow the steps below –

1.    Open dragon naturally speaking.

2.     On the very top there are few options that you will see, please click on tools.

3.    You will get few options populated there, please select transcribe the recording.

4.    Once you select transcribe recording, you will have a new window that has detail information about where to how to transcribe your audio to video.

5.    There is an option to click on next on the same windows where it asks to personalize transcribe.

6.    Click on next once you have done, you will have a new window which ask you to select your audio file.

7.    Click on “Browse to locate the file” and please select your audio file.

8.    Now click on transcribe once you select the audio file.

9.    You will get a new window that says DragonPad – Document with a message “Transcribing… Please wait”

10.    Your audio file will be transcribed in a minute.

Note from Author

You will notice one thing, the dragon does a very decent job in terms of transcribing any audio if you do face any issues. You may need to check the settings of your dragon and dragon pad. You should also check the updates for dragon or trying to upgrade your dragon. If you are a professor or a lecturer or in any department where you speak or get a lot of audio files and you need them to be converted into the text. This is the best software for you to transcribe any audio as per me. You can always research more and see if there are any option available.

Easy Way to Change Language in Dragon Naturally Speaking

This article is related to how to change your language on nuance dragon dictation software.

If you are reading this article that means you are either using dragon naturally speaking or you are about to buy one of the dictation software and you must be researching which one you should buy. If you do make the decision to purchase Dragon naturally speaking, then this article is for you. I have written a lot of articles to make sure to help people use dragon naturally speaking. If you do want to change dragon naturally speaking a language.

If you do want to change dragon naturally speaking a language. Please follow the steps below

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Should You Use Dragon Speech Recognition Software to Write Your Online Articles

My Past Before Using Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

This article is about how I started using dragon naturally speaking and why.

I have seen a lot of people using old fashioned way. They write online article by typing them in Microsoft word. They paste it to their online application. This process always takes countless hours. Good news is, there is software that can speed things up. I have been using this app since 2009. I am using this software with my windows 7 and it has been doing a tremendous job in terms of dictating. All I do, turn on my computer, open my software and start talking and it write things that I talk on headphone mic.

Other Features of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The software is not only for you to write things on the application or web. It always allows you to transcribe things from those writing. This mean someone is reading to you what you wrote, and the software read it to you slowly. It also allows you to correct your mistake without touching anything. There is many other software like dragon naturally speaking but and I have used few of them.Dragon naturally speaking has always performed better than any other software.

Take A Note

Before you purchase any dictation software. You should research about them. Understand your requirement and make sure to buy compatible software for your device. One of the important parts. you should know if technical support is available with the software or not. There is many software where developer does not provide free technician service and it becomes hard for user to get support from anywhere else.

Good things about nuance they have free technician service limited to their software. That mean if there is any problem you have with your device they will not work on it or they will advise you to go to device manufacturer. So, if you are a writer or someone who writes a lot of articles or contents. This is the software which can save you’re a lot of time. In same amount of time, you can write double or triple number of articles that you are writing. The software must be developed more and give better result as far as I know and understand. Sometimes your dragon naturally speaking does not work properly or give 100% accuracy but if you keep using it, it may give you better result.