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Dragon Naturally Speaking Free Trail

Dragon is a voice recognition program. Your voice is recognized, and it then types for you. Consider that you have an essay or a presentation to finish, and Dragon could type it for you.

You could use Dragon to do things like searching the internet, send emails, and a lot more. Dragon is a simple and quick-to-use program. You can speak at a speed of up to 160 words per minute. That’s lightning-fast!!

Dragon will carry out your instructions. It picks up on your commands and learns from them. Because you’ll need a microphone, use it on your computer or laptop, or even your smartphone. You may use it without being tethered to your house or business because it is wireless.

Dragon Anywhere Free Trail

If you’re visiting clients, a job site, or your favorite coffee shop, Dragon Anywhere professional-grade mobile dictation makes it simple to produce documents of any length, edit, format, and distribute them immediately from your mobile device.

— No word restrictions and continuous dictation
— 99 percent accurate voice editing and formatting
— Access customizable words and auto-text across all platforms
— Share documents via email, Dropbox, Evernote, and more Available on Android and iOS (US & Canada)*

Dragon Anywhere, available on Android and iOS

Directly from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can now dictate documents of any length, effortlessly modify and adjust formatting, and rapidly publish them on the most popular cloud-sharing sites.

It’s simple to use your Dragon Anywhere app…

This online store will set up your user account after you purchase your Dragon Anywhere subscription.From the App Stores, download the iOS and/or Android apps.This online store will set up your user account after you purchase your Dragon Anywhere subscription.
From the App Stores, download the iOS and/or Android apps.

Take a look at How Dragon Anywhere works

On-the-Go Dictation at a Professional Level

Dragon Anywhere is ideal for busy professionals who need to take detailed notes or narrate paperwork while on the road. Faster, smarter dictation capabilities let you produce and edit documents of any length by voice on your Android or iOS smartphone, using your own customizable vocabularies, shortcuts, and commands. Wherever your career takes you, be more productive.

Maximize on-the-go productivity

Dragon Anywhere allows you to quickly and accurately dictate and modify documents by voice on your iOS or Android mobile device, allowing you to stay productive wherever you are.

Fast dictation with high recognition accuracy increases over time as it learns your speech.
There are no time or length restrictions; speak for as long as you like, obtaining all of the data required for thorough, accurate documentation.
Voice formatting and editing capabilities are extensive, including the ability to modify or delete words and sentences.
Voice go through report template fields and apply typical formatting such as underline and bold.
Auto-texts (often-used text passages) such as client or work order descriptions are supported.
For even higher dictation accuracy, add custom words for industry-specific terminology.
Simple importing and exporting to and from Dropbox® and Evernote®, two popular cloud document-sharing and note-taking programs.

If you are thinking of buying Dragon software, then you can go to the Nuance website and buy. If you want to do its Trial version, then you can download the trial version by clicking on the button given below.