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How to Use The Dragon App Recorder

To create memo’s or reports or any content is as easy as just talking to your friend. Just dictate your text and transfer your file to your computer then generate a written a transcript. Before you begin recording please remember dragon recorder app is developed for a single speaker, if you want to record a meeting where multiple speakers are trying to record from the same app, this may not work as this is not designed to transcribe multiple speakers audio files. The recording you capture on your mobile device should only include your own voice.

This short blog will guide you how to install and use dragon naturally speaking recorder app.

1.    Download dragon app recorder from the apple app store on your iPhone or iPad.

2.    Do make sure, you have dragon naturally speaking or mac speech (if you are using Mac machine)

3.    Start the Dragon app on your device to begin recording.

4.    To start recording, you need to touch the middle of the screen where you see a dragon icon in the middle.

5.    The moment you see app icon turned from green to orange that means your app is ready to listen to you, start dictating.

6.    You need to speak clearly and naturally, the reason you should speak naturally, dragon app understands your accent and adapts it and gives you a better result in the future.

7.    Remember to dictate punctuation if you want punctuation to appear in transcription.

8.    Do make sure, your phone is not far more than 5inch from your mouth or try to use an external mic or headphone.

9.    If you want to pause the recording, you need to touch one in the middle of the screen to pause and when you want to start recording back again from where you left, just tap again.

10.    When you are done recording, touch the dragon icon in the middle twice again.

11.    The moment you see dragon app icon is red that means it has stopped recording. Here you are done.

12.    To hear or modify your recording, tap the recording icon on the bottom of the app and choose the desired recording to listen or to modify.

13.    To play it tap the central icon, play and pause icon.

14.    You can rewind or fast-forward the recordings.

15.    Tapping the next of each recording gives you full information of recording.

Dragon naturally speaking has made a lot of work easy, so stop writing and start dictating.

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