A Guide to My Nuance dragon story

  • I heard about the nuance dragon naturally speaking in 2021.
  • I’m a writer who spends a lot of time on the computer.
  • I have used old-type writers as well in the past. My friend talked about it in 2021 and I researched Nuance Dragon Story on the internet for a good time.
  • I wasn’t sure if I should purchase it. Should I invest the money in this software? Will I be able to install the Nuance dragon story and set it up?
  • Do they have customer service to help people like me who knows less about computer and not tech-savvy?

So, there were too many questions that I kept thinking and waited for 4 years and in 2015 I purchased a nuance dragon naturally speaking.

Where to buy it?

I wasn’t sure myself, so I started researching on the internet and as per many users. Better buy from the nuance website because you will get nuance customer service support in terms of your purchase.

If you buy dragon from even a third-party website like amazon.com, you will still get technical support, but nuance may not be able to track your order so if you lose your computer or device where you are using the dragon, you will lose your license and you will have to purchase it again.

How to install?

If you have purchased a CD, you need to insert the disk into the disc drive and there will be a prompt to install the software.

All you need to do is follow the simple instruction given by the software and it will be installed. If you are not sure how to install it, please call +1-888-652-9580.

This is toll-free for dragon support by experts, which can help you guide buying your software and help you set up the software as well.

If you have purchased it online then you will get a link to download the software, You need to download it and run the software.

If you have an Apple Mac computer, then you need to open the software and follow simple instructions.

I am not a tech person and do not have a lot of knowledge to explain the software.

But as much as I am using the dragon, I am becoming more addicted to it and a fan of this software.

I am thankful to the manufacturer who developed this software and understood the requirements of this software in people’s life.

Note: to use dragon naturally speaking, you need to make sure to use the compatible headset as per Nuance recommendations.

If you don’t have the recommended headset, please try to use a USB headset else you will have a lot of trouble dictating the dragon, and your experience will not be good in terms of using the dragon.

Do remember dragon naturally speaking learns as much as you use it. It gets addict to your voice and captures a lot of words that you may not pronounce properly.