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Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence

Dragon not Capitalizing
Dragon not Capitalizing

Dragon software won’t capitalize the first place word of a sentence

we are using Dragon software also known as Naturally Speaking software .when you start typing the first letter will not get capitalize by itself or any space is inserted before the first word in a paragraph must be due to the punctuation which is in use.

MacSpeech Dictate and Dragon Dictate for Mac capitalizes the first letter in the word that follows

  • Question mark
  • Exclamation point
  • A Period.  

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Suppose if you start a new sentence or paragraph without ending the previous sentence with the proper punctuation, then the new sentence will not start out as capitalized. For instance, if you do not end a sentence with punctuation or do not dictate the command for “New Paragraph”, Dictate still understand the new sentence as a continuation of the previous sentences.

MacSpeech Dictate or Dragon Dictate needs these punctuations in order to recognize the separation of sentences

  • A Period
  • Question mark
  • The Exclamation point

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