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Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence

Dragon not Capitalizing
Dragon not Capitalizing

Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence

If we are using Dragon Naturally Speaking and while starting a sentence the first letter is not getting capitalized by itself or any space is inserted before the first word in a paragraph must be due to the punctuation which is in use.

MacSpeech Dictate and Dragon Dictate for Mac capitalizes the first letter in the word that follows

  • Question mark
  • Exclamation point
  • A Period.  

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Let’s say, If you start a new sentence or paragraph without ending the previous sentence with the proper punctuation, then the new sentence will not start out as capitalized.

For instance, if you do not end a sentence with punctuation or do not dictate the command for “New Paragraph”, Dictate still understand the new sentence as a continuation of the previous sentence.

MacSpeech Dictate or Dragon Dictate needs these punctuations in order to recognize the separation of sentences.

  • A Period
  • Question mark
  • The Exclamation point

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