Nuance dragon story

Dragon Support By Experts
Dragon Support By Experts

I heard about nuance dragon naturally speaking in 2011.

I am a writer and I write a lot using the computer.

I have used old type writers as well in the past. My friend talked about it in 2011 and I researched Nuance Dragon Story on the internet for a good time.

I wasn’t sure if I should purchase it. Should I invest the money in this software? Will I be able to install Nuance dragon story and set it up?

Do they have customer service to help people like me who knows less about computer and not tech-savvy?

So, there were too many questions that I kept thinking and waited for 4 years and in 2015 I purchased nuance dragon naturally speaking.

Where to buy?

I wasn’t sure myself, so I started researching on the internet and as per many users. Better buy from the nuance website because you will get nuance customer service support in terms of your purchase.

If you buy dragon from even a third-party website like, you will still get technical support, but nuance may not be able to track your order so if you lose your computer or device where you are using the dragon, you will lose your license and you will have to purchase it again.

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Nuance Dragon for Windows offers strong voice recognition

Nuance dragon naturally speaking command: – Nuance Dragon naturally speaking user knows the magic this software does for the user. A nuance dragon naturally speaking software user should use compatible headphone. This is very important. One should also be sure the software has been installed correctly. You can do a lot with nuance dragon naturally speaking when you dictate there are a lot of commands that can help you modify your documents or do a lot with documents. Please find commands below and its use:

Stop listening or Go to sleep – when you are done using you dragon naturally speaking and you want to use it again after a while, You can use this command or if you want to use a different program that does not require Nuance dragon naturally speaking, You should put the software on sleep by saying go to sleep or Stop Listening. If this feature does not work, you should call Dragon support

 Wake up or Listen to me – If your dragon software is sleeping or in sleep mode, by saying Wake UP/Listen TO Me, you can make your dragon start listening to you and perform your dictation. If your command is not working that mean there is a problem with your software and you should contact dragon support

New (line/paragraph) – if you want to start a new line or paragraph, all you need to say is a new line/new paragraph

Press Tab – If you want space or if you want to use tab, all you need to say is press tab and dragon will give this command in your document

Period or Full Stop – If you want to put a period anywhere in your document the moment you need period, Just say period and you will have a period in your document. You can also say Full Stop and you will have a period. Dragon naturally speaking has made commands so easy that you just need to know when to use and what to use it

Select That – If you want to select anything, you need to say select and the word, it will select the same word for you.

Delete Line – if you want to delete a line, all you need to say is Delete line and it will delete the line for you.

Open paren – if you want to put an open quote, you need to say open paren.

Close quote – if you want to close paren, you need to say a close quote and it will follow your command.

Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence

Dragon not Capitalizing
Dragon not Capitalizing

In this Blog we will learn about Nuance  Dragon not Capitalizing the first word of a sentence. For more information Read this Blog.

Dragon software won’t capitalize the first place word of a sentence

we are using Dragon software also known as Naturally Speaking software . when you start typing the first letter will not get capitalize by itself or any space is inserted before the first word in a paragraph must be due to the punctuation which is in use.

Mac Speech Dictate and Dragon Dictate for Mac capitalizes the first letter in the word that follows

  • Question mark
  • Exclamation point
  • A Period.  

If you are still facing any problem you can reach Dragon Support by calling us on our dragon support number and speak to an Expert for any assistance.

Suppose if you start a new sentence or paragraph without ending the previous sentence with the proper punctuation, then the new sentence will not start out as capitalized. For instance, if you do not end a sentence with punctuation or do not dictate the command for “New Paragraph”, Dictate still understand the new sentence as a continuation of the previous sentences.

Mac Speech Dictate or Dragon Dictate needs these punctuation in order to recognize the separation of sentences

  • A Period
  • Question mark
  • The Exclamation point

Dragon not Capitalizing the first word or other Still not working? Don’t trouble yourself call us on the toll-free number of dragon software support and let the expert assist you +1-888-652-9580