A Guide to My Nuance Dragon Story

This blog is a guide where you will know how I got to know about Nuance Dragon. So this is a story about how I was introduced to the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software program.

In 2011 a friend told me about the software and then I began my research on Dragon Naturally Speaking software. The questions that arise are;Should I really, invest money in the software?

Will I be able to set the software as well as install it?

Does this program have a customer service helpline?

And after all these questions I finally took the steps forward and in 2015 I purchased Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Where to buy Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software program?

Now at first I, myself didn’t know where to buy it. But after searching from the internet and reviews of many users, it is best to buy the software from the Nuance Website itself. This is because if you buy Nuance from the respective website then you will get the customer support for your Nuance. But if you buy it from a third-party website then you will only get the technical support, and Nuance will not be able to keep track of your order. Then if you happen to lose your computer or device on which you are using the dragon software, along with that you will also lose your License for the same and will have to purchase the software again.

Install the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software

Firstly, you would have to insert the disk in the disc drive (only if you purchased a CD).

Then you will get prompts on the displayed screen to install the software.

Now you only got to follow the instruction provided by the software and you will have the program installed successfully.

If you need help regarding the installation then you can call the Dragon Support team in the toll-free number provided.

But if you have purchased the software online then you will get a link to download the software.

You’ve only got to download it and then run the software.

Now since I know and use Dragon software I must say that I enjoy using it and I am very thankful to those who have developed the software and understood how this software would help people in making their lives a better experience.

Note: To use Dragon Naturally Speaking accurately, you would have to make sure that headsets used are compatible as per the Nuance recommendations. But if you do not have to recommended headset, then please try using USB headset. Not doing so, will cause a lot of problems while dictating to Dragon. You need to know that the software program learns as much as you use it.

This is because Dragon gets addicted to your voice and then captures words even if you may not pronounce them correctly.


Now we hope that the above-mentioned information and guide is of great help to you.

But if you face any problems or need more information regarding the same then feel free to contact Dragon Customer Support Number +1-888-652-9580. And the techs will guide you with what should be done next.

NaturallySpeaking unable to detect headset

In this blog you will learn about Dragon NaturallySpeaking unable to detect headset. We know Dragon Naturally Speaking program required a microphone to dictate. And choosing a right headset with microphone is important as well. Not all headset with microphone are supported by Dragon Naturally speaking program, and also sometime even when we have right headset Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn’t detect the headset plug it. So, we discuss how to fix this problem and get the Dragon working on our system.

For selecting the right headset which is compatible for you Dragon Naturally Speaking program is check the headset list which is certified by Nuance on Nuance website that is www.nuance.com.

Type of headset that you can use to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking unable to detect headset

  • USB Type
  • 5 jack
  • Wireless Headset (Bluetooth)

USB headsets are regard as best for Dragon Naturally Speaking program because of its easy installation. Just plug n play works with USB headset so many users find USB headset as easy with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

3.5 jack headsets are old now and sometimes we need proper Audio Driver to setup the headset on new generation computer with new operating system.

Wireless headsets are also good connectivity mode for Dragon and very easy to setup to our computer with Bluetooth, just need to turn on the Bluetooth on both device computer and the headset.

Common issue found while setting up Headset

Most common issue we come across while setting up headset with your Dragon program  

1. Unable to detect the headset.

2. Headset detect by computer but not showing on Dragon Naturally Speaking device list.

How to resolve it

Find out if your Headset USB is properly plugin on the computer USB port.

Check if your Bluetooth is turn on or off on both headset and computer.


See if your microphone 3.5 jack is properly plugin on the right Audio port.

Also check your headset whether it’s compatible for Dragon Naturally Speaking program

Check if your headset driver is installed properly on your computer if driver required for it.

Sometimes the computer don’t detect the headset even after driver is installed in this case we need a restart of the computer after the driver is installed.


These are some troubleshooting steps that you can use to fix this issue. Or you can call our number 1-855-848-0799 , We are Dragon Support Expert.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 UI not appear on screen on windows 10

In this blog, you will learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 UI display issue. Some people face problem using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13  on windows 10. When try to launch the program it doesn’t come up on screen.And when we check on Task Manager  the services of Dragon Naturally Speaking is running there. So on the screen there is no Dragon Naturally Speaking 13. This is what we are going to learn to fix in this blog.


Things you can try to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 UI issue

1 – Make sure the Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 version is up-to-date. Please update your windows 10 as well.

2 – Turn off Compatibility Mode. With the latest version of windows 10 Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 does not need Compatibility Mode on.

To turn off Compatibility Mode locate the Dragon Naturally Speaking shortcut and right click on it.

Select Properties from the menu and navigate to compatibility tab and look for Run in compatibility mode. We must unchecked it.

If the above troubleshoot steps doesn’t help then we can try some other steps to resolve this issue.

3 – Let’s not run natspeak.exe as Administrator.

Locate natspeak.exe on the computer it should be on the directory. This directory is where your Dragon Naturally Speaking is installed. Once we got natspeak.exe right click on it and select properties. Click on Compatibility Tab and uncheck Run as Administrator. Then click on apply and ok on the bottom.

Restart the computer and try running Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 again.

If the above steps do not help, then you can try one more step to fix it.

4 – Sometime we face issue using headphone with 3.5 jack along with microphone jack on Dragon Naturally Speaking on Windows 10. So you can give a try with the USB headphones with microphone which is certified by Nuance to use on Dragon Naturally Speaking .


Above troubleshooting steps is to fix Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 UI issue with Windows 10. If you are not able to fix after performing above steps then call dragon support number.

Transcribing Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking

In this Blog you will learn about Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking has inbuilt feature to transcribe audio file .  It is very helpful for people who work on big office firms. Also Very helpful if you record a speech and want to get the speech as a text again.

How to use Transcription in Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Click on the dragon icon from the menu.
  • Then select the option Switch to Transcription Mode

Now you will the see the status change to Audio file in Dragon Naturally Speaking:

Transcription feature also need a profile to work. If you already create a profile for Transcription than it’s fine. If not then you will need to create a profile to use it.

Now choose the Transcription source from the list that bring up on the screen. If not then click on Manage profiles and Audio source to add new transcription file.

To add new audio file for transcription just you need to drag the file onto the Drop file icon there. Also you can click on browse file to add file from folder where your files are save.

Dragon Naturally Speaking can transcribe audio which is in mp3,mp4,wav,aif,aiff,m4v, and m4a format.

Once you select the file your Dragon will start the transcribe process , It may take a while to complete the process it depend on the file size .

Once the transcription process is complete , the file will be save on your computer .

By default the transcribe files are save in Document/Dragon/Transcribed files, Also you can  select a different folder to save  the file on your computer.

The transcription files are save in format of Rich Text or Microsoft word. It can open by any application which support these file format.

It’s a very useful feature for many professional on their office work and also very useful for student as well.

I f you are facing any problem so you can call us our toll-free number +1-888-652-9580. And you can Visit our website Dragon support Experts.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 – Web Extension Feature

Here you will find a quick guide on the Limitations of Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 ’Web Extension Feature’. You’ve only got to read along and get to know the relevant information provided to you in this blog.

The Limitations of Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Web Extension feature:

  • There are a few Dragon Web Extensions that are available in Web browsers and versions. Below is mentioned the list of the Web Browser;
  • Mozilla Firefox, 29 and later version
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer, 9, 10 and 11 version
  • Now in case you are not using any of the browsers mentioned above, you can still use the existing capabilities for commands and diction of Dragon as well. However, this would be without using the full-text control benefit.
  • You should know that the functions of Dragon differ from web browsers to web browsers. As an example; you cannot select Chrome, hyperlinks by name and commands such as the ‘Refresh page’ option cannot be used. So for using such actions, you are recommended to use the global commands like mouse commands or press commands on the keyboard.

The list of Limitations for Dragon Web Extensions on supported browsers:

  • Here you will find that the playback option is limited to the present dictation of the current field in Web applications such as Gmail and Hotmail. In relation to this, you will not be able to playback dictation for the previous fields if you move to another field. It doesn’t matter if you go back to the field even then will not have access to it.

The following method for opening the ‘correction’ menu while working in Web applications is not supported by Dragon at present.

They are mentioned below.

  • The Hotkey, this is the minus sign key
  • Then the double-click on the selected text
  • The Correction button available on the DragonBar Extras toolbar
  • The ‘Offline Mode’ is also not applicable for working with Web-based documents. And adding to that to play the back dictation you would have to use the voice commands like ‘Play that back’, ‘Read that,’ and ‘Read selection’. This is so as Dragon software doesn’t support the playback of dictation when the menus and buttons are used.
  • If you use the ‘Paste it here’ option for pasting copied text in a Rich Internet Application then the software will paste the last uttered words dictated. For example;
  • Try dictating “this is a test” then say “copy that”; now say “only a test” then “Paste it here”.  The utterance of “only a test” will be found pasted instead of the “this is a test”.
  • This issue is so because the last utterance in a Rich Internet Application is always copied to the clipboard, despite a “copy” command is used or not.
  • The “Undo that” and “Undo last option” commands may not work continuously. This is because the Dictation Box may tend to display text not dictated. This error usually happens when the focus of the application is on a field that cannot be edited, and then you will do the following.
  • You will attempt to open the Dictation Box or
  • You may choose to speak into your microphone
  • This will you will prompt the Dictation Box to open automatically

You will also come across some Limitations of Dragon Web Extension that support specific to a selected supported browser.

Few such browsers mentioned below-
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

To know about the supported features for the above browsers you have the experts who can you can give a call to anytime and get the related information.


Now we hope that in the above information we have provided all that you would like to know. As well as the information should be of great help to you for understanding the Limitations of Dragon Web Extension in an easier manner. However, if you have any confusion or some other queries then you can contact the team of experts at Dragon Naturally Speaking Customer Support. Therefore you will surely be assisted with the appropriate guidance and you will get the topmost answers to all your queries.

Incorrect dictation in Nuance Dragon – Fix!

Are you facing issues with Incorrect dictation in Nuance Dragon naturallyspeaking? You must frustrated right, as you are receiving incorrect results after dictating to Nuance Dragon software. You don’t have to worry about being here with us anymore . And we will definitely guide you with accurate resolutions that help you to get back on track with ease. You now have to follow the instructions below for the appropriate solutions and correct the wrong dictation results to solve the problems. .

Incorrect dictation in Nuance Dragon

Steps to fix the incorrect dictation in Nuance Dragon Results

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind whenever you dictate to Dragon you need to ensure that you. You are speaking clearly and using complete phrases and you are not pausing the words or skipping them and clipping the words at the end of the sentence.
  • When talking on the microphone you need to make sure that the consumer microphone is positioned correctly .
  • You can also test the microphone again by choosing the ‘ Audio ‘ button and then go to the ‘ Microphone ‘ option.
  • Then, after that you have to go to the “Options” tab, you need to click on the ‘ Miscellaneous ‘ option in the dialog box that opens up.
  • You now need to drag the ‘Speed vs. Accuracy slider towards the right side and then go to click on OK.

nuance dragon support:

We hope that the above method has been helpful and you are able to get over with the issue. But if not so and you still have a hard time then feel free to contact our team at Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support number and share your related concerns with our executives in detail. You will surely have all the issues gone within a twinkle of an eye. So now without delaying you just need to go ahead and give us a dial on the number provided right, this moment and you will get to experience the topmost services of our staff here.

On the off chance that you are a client of Dragon Naturally Speaking Software and searching for any specialized help, with respect to your Dragon discourse acknowledgment programming or searching for mythical beast normally client support, if it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to call us on our helpline number, that is, +1-888-652-9580.

Incorrect results when dictating to dragon naturallySpeaking?

Are you facing a problem with the speaking results of Dragon Naturally Speaking? Is it so that every time you’re dictating the Dragon Naturally Speaking software is giving you incorrect results? Well, there is no need to be worried anymore now that you have reached our site and in this blog, you will definitely find all the solutions as well as the causes, why these issues occur. To get rid of the problem you would have to follow the given steps below.

To resolved Incorrect Results follow this step.

We need to first make sure of few things. You are very clear, Complete phrase, No Pause, No skipping words and no repeating words.

Then you must also see that the microphone you’re using is positioned correctly. It is close to your mouth while speaking. You can try and run a microphone check. Go to choose “Audio and then Check Microphone”.

You now have to click on the Tools options. And in this options dialog box you will have to click on the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab. And then you need to Drag the ‘Speed vs. Accuracy’ slider more towards the right side. Now click on the OK button.

If you find that you are encountering the same issue continuously and still not able to get certain words correct then you got to make sure to use the ‘Correction Dialog Box so that the
Dragon Professional Individual learns about the errors. If you just choose the text and dictate it then Dragon Professional Individual will never come to know about the actual issue.

So now we hope that the above information was helpful and useful as well. But if not and you find the issue persisting then you must dial us right here on our toll-free number
+1-888-652-9580 right away and have the problem fixed up before it creates more problems. And you will surely be given the best services that are absolutely effective as the techs we have are highly experienced and are reliable to deliver a complete rectified solution.

Error; while unpacking program, Code 2 “Please report to author” when launching or installing Dragon

It is not that bad to face issues with software as now we have all the advanced tools that enable us to resolve all the issues that pop-up on a daily basis. And if you are experiencing problems with your Dragon Naturally Speaking Support then you should get it fixed immediately as delaying will only create bigger issues. And to guide you with the accurate solutions to successfully get rid of the issue, this blog is absolutely a total help. But for which you will need to read this blog carefully to have the appropriate results.

Now the steps for removing KB2533623 windows update are mentioned below- Dragon NaturallySpeaking Help

Dragon NaturallySpeaking help
  • First of all, you will need to go to the start menu and then move to the next step.
  • Then you just got to go for the control panel option.
  • After that, you are required to go to ‘programs and features’.
  • Now, you need to tap on the ‘View installed updates’ link which you can easily find at the left side of the window.
  • Next, you have to locate the updates of this window and then do choose the KB2533623 update.
  • You will now have to select the uninstall button.
  • After getting uninstalled from your device, then just go to restart your device.
  • Now you will have to make sure that you are able to install. And then launch the Nuance Dragon software desktop application on your system.

Now you are all set to get started with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking help.

as you have successfully gone through the steps above. But if not so, then you will need to contact our experts here at Dragon Naturally Speaking Support. And you will surely be given assistance right away. No matter what time of the day you need our help we will be right there. And our team is capable to deliver relevant solutions within the least time possible.

As they are highly skilled and well-practiced to tackle any issues related. So you can without any hesitation contact our team now. Dragon Naturally Speaking Support is accessible for different issues on Dragon Naturally Speaking. one of the conspicuous issues is finding the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Serial Number for enacting the Dragon Speech Recognition Software or Dragon Voice Recognition Software.

Error Invalid Acoustic in dragon and its fix.

Are you seeing error invalid acoustic in dragon naturallySpeaking? You should know that it is common to encounter issues when you upgrade your Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software from version 14 to 15. You will get this error when you try to upgrade dragon version 14 to version 15.

Why do we get this error?

You face this issue due to the older version of Nuance Dragon. Here the old profile had the diction source in it. Such as the Dragon Remote Microphone and this diction source does not support the version of Dragon 15 at all. So due to this, the unsupported acoustic inputs are skipped whenever you upgrade your profile. If in case you use the unsupported version of dragon 14 input methods. Then the configuration files in Dragon 15 will have this reference to the missing acoustic.

Follow the Steps below to fix Error Invalid Acoustic in dragon

So it is always best that you take the advice of our Dragon team experts.

  • You need to go to the location of the upgraded profile and then give a right-click on the current folder.
  • Then you will have to click on the open tab to be able to check the acoustic.ini file.
  • You now will have to search the file for the acoustic codes that you can make use of.
  • Then you also need to check on the options.ini file that you will see in the same folder, then you got to open it to check for the ‘Last Used Acoustics’ keywords.
  • You have to remember that it has to be set to any of the value that is found in acoustic.ini file.
  • Lastly, you need to Edit, Save and then launch your Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software and you should be all done.

Now you should be all done and set with your upgraded Nuance Dragon. If you need any other related help or face issues then you have an efficient team at Nuance Dragon Technical Support you can dial us anytime on +1-888-652-9580. Here you will be provided with the most relevant methods that are absolutely satisfying. So you can rely on us and leave your concerns with our techs, they will see to it that all the issues related are resolved within the minimum time possible.

How to Install nuance Dragon Speech Recognition?

Installation of Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition?

  • Installation
    and User Profile Creation

Today we are going to share with you how to Install nuance dragon speech recognition & then we know how to train Dragon to understand your voice properly. The installation process tries to checks how to make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements needed for Dragon. These systems are needed to requirements are listed in the information that came with your copy of Dragon.  If your system doesn’t meet of these requirements, Dragon will not be installed. 

Plugging in the Microphone:

Whenever your trying to use Dragon, you need to plug-in your
microphone for it. If you’re not sure how long you plug in your microphone if you’re
not sure how to plug in your microphone.

Point to be noted: If you using of speaker for your computer
you also need to use of playback recorded some speech instead of headphones for

System Requirements:

You need to minimum requirement of they’re not met, Dragon
Naturally speaking will not be installed.

Note:  Microsoft office 2010 & 2013
doesn’t more supportive dictation which is directly into Electronic Medical
Record (EMR). For the EMR Support you need to use Dragon Medical Edition for

You need to Requirement of:

Ram: Minimum Ram of 2 GB for 32-bit Windows 7,
8 and 8.1. For 4 GB Ram need for 64-bit Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 & Windows
Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012.

CPU: Minimum: 2.2
GHz Intel® dual core or any of equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors
yield faster performance.

Free hard disk space:

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit; Windows 8 & 8.1, 32-bit and
64-bit; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2012.

–  Internet Explorer up to 9 or the updated
version of Chrome or Firefox for any Online Help.

–  A sound card supporting for 16-bit recording.

–  A DVD-ROM (Read only memory) drive for

–  A Nuance-approved microphone. See
support.nuance.com/compatibility for more information.

–  Available of Internet connection for automatic upgrade
of product activation (a quick anonymous process).

Things you
have to know before installing Dragon before some custom location:

Usually Dragon nuance installation are done in


During the installation procedure
of Nuance voice recognition, you can choose in which directory you need to install
to drive on your machine.

Where you install the Dragon
program files, Dragon always installs in the different languages (86 Languages)
& vocabularies which you select at the time of installation in the drive to

Installing voice Recognition of Dragon nuance by creating the location of the user profiles will be created. These profiles consume a large amount of disk space on Drive C:\.

You can Customize to choose the
Disk space used on C:\, try to not to install some unwanted languages &

Upgrading of Window 8, 9, 10 always:

You always need to use of
upgraded window for the Installation of Dragon Nuance Recognition, you need to
use of upgraded version of nuance coz it having for information or easier than
the last version.

By Coexistence with other Dragon products:

Coexistence with some previous versions of Dragon- You just need of having one version of Dragon nuance speech recognition to install in your system.


Running a previous version of Dragon concurrently with Version 13(Thirteen) isn’t supported. Coexistence with the Dragon SDK (Software Development kit) Client Edition You can install Dragon SDK Client Edition 13(Thirteen) on the same system where Dragon 13(Thirteen) is installed. In addition to having Dragon 13 & Dragon SDK Client Edition, 13 can share the information of user profiles & vocabularies.

You just can run only one product at one time. Like, if your running Dragon, you can’t run any of the SDK Client tools or samples.


How to install of Dragon or to install it for multiple user profiles:     

  1. Insert the Dragon Speech Recognition DVD into your DVD drive

  • If the installation doesn’t start automatically then try to use of Windows Explorer to find & double-click setup.exe on the DVD.

2. The Window Installers begins, it installs:

  • Visual C++ Versions 9.0 Run-time

3. After the Wizard begins, click (Next) for the proceeding of the License Agreement page. Read the text & select I accept the terms & then press click Next.

4. Then enter your User Name & Organization, the Serial Number supplied to your installation.

5. If the Setup Type page appears, click the Change button & choose where to install the product.

If no any earlier versions of
Dragon speech recognition are installed on your system, the default directory

C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking13

6. While you’re still on the Setup Type page, select Custom for the type of any installation. If you’re trying to decide to do any installation for any of the Dragon Speech Recognition, the components by selecting of any Custom installation for it you must have to install for it later by running of any other Setup programs again & choosing Modify.

7. Click Next & you see a tree where you can select any particular feature of the product and click the down arrow to its left to choose where/when to install it:

  • Install now, on local hard drive 

  • Install now, with all sub features on local hard drive 

  • Install it whenever you’re in needed on a just in time basis 

These options are useful for installing of multiple languages and using multiple vocabularies.

8. And after it clicks Next again & if you don’t have the Professional edition of it the try to skip to the next step. Try to choose any checkboxes & under the Additional options to have additional dialog boxes pops-up at the end of the installation, wherever you can make changes that affect all of the users by dictating on this computer. 

9. Then Click Next

10. Click Install to start the installation.

11. When the installation completes, try to proceed with any of the following sections that may apply to your custom installation:

  • Try to Modifying application for settings of all users

  • Modifying administrative settings

  • Modifying formatting options for all users

12. Whenever you need to register under this product, try to select the registration options of it.

13. Then Click Ok for registering of the product & click it to again for the proceed.

14. Then Check Yes, try to check for the program updates after the setup tries to complete for the download of any updates of it after the setup completes & click to Finish after complete the installation.

15. If you chose to upgrade to your user profiles earlier, when the message for about to upgrading of your user profiles pops up, then click OK. (After that msg your system needs to restart, it’ll complete until your system is restarted.)

16. For completing the process reboot in order to complete the installation, reboot your computer now.      

17. Select Start > All Programs > Dragon NaturallySpeaking > Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The New Dragon-Bar appears on your desktop.

18. If you have any user profiles that you like to upgrade before proceeding, try to refer for the Upgrading of User Profiles. Otherwise, if you have no upgradable existing profiles, the Profile Creation of wizard starts are immediately & you can try to create a profile as explained in the Creating of your User Profile.

Thanks for visiting here, hope you like it. If anyone of you having any queries about nuance dragon speech recognition don’t forget to comment it down our support team always tries to respond others.